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Friday, December 30, 2011


I huddle in the corner embracing rest with shaky hands and tears being smeared from cheek to cheek.  My stomach turns with pain and the feeling of being home sick from the sorrow and guilt I have seeing rest whimper with abandonment.  She holds me tight with her head sunk deep into my chest, making my shirt wet from her crying mouth locked wide open,  as if she was screaming.  A sad story of a girl who only wants love, a story of a young women who has no parents, who has no home, who needs someone to smile at, to laugh with, and to say goodnight to.  Her old stuffed animals only give her a small amount of the attention she needs; she needs a family.  Her eyes constantly wander, looking for someone to pick her up, and hold her.   But no one ever does, so she becomes jagged over the years with let downs and sadness.   Her flickering light slowly starts to die down into a whistling path of smoke.  Her wandering eyes stop wandering over the years, as they now sadly stare down at her painted toe nails, that no one has seemed to notice or comment on.  The smile she tried so hard to show, the smile no one noticed, the smile she used to try to bait people into her love with, was soon turned into a puddle of rain water, that dripped down the muddy bank into the lake leading to a land of nowhere. 

I do love her, but I can’t be with her.  It’s the hardest thing I have ever done pulling her locked arms away from my body.  Disconnecting her drool from my chest to her mouth was like taking her soul.  Her arms stretched out like Frankenstein, her blue watery eyes opened wider as panic rushed over her.  Her mouth seemed to make no noise, but was open as wide as God would allow it.  As she closed her eyes tears came down her face.  Her mouth closed, her head dropped, soon she became lifeless.    

She was there but not, her heart was pounding, but not working.  I left her that day, and I walked backwards when I did it, hoping and praying that someone else would take her hand, and love her right there and then.  She deserves to be loved, she deserves nothing less.  She would only bring me down.  She would only be a weight on my sail, I had no choice.  Rest has no place in my life. I have no time for rest, only train.  I will always love rest, but I will spend the rest of my dying days with train.  Train is my life, rest is my heart ache.  Rest 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Old Show

By Jon North
Narrated by Donny Shankle

Coach Glenn Pendlay

Top ten reasons why My coach is the greatest coach

1) program is a mixing pot of all training- but the core is bulgarianish.
2) lets the athlete breathe. keeps the door open for the athlete to go above and beyond anytime they feel its possible.
3) Coach never over coaches. No paralysis by analysis ( in Attitude Nation terms its always game time)
4) He is there for you on and off the platform. aka buddies for life
5) Hes from Texas
6) When it comes to setting up the athlete perfectly in competition, he is like Russel crow in beautiful mind.
7) He teaches the lifts like Feynman teaches physics, aka superman pull, Tyson hips Ali feet!
8) Beautiful black beard
9) Thinks Hannity is way to liberal
10) My coach can beat up your coach

Glenn Pendlay 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hot Tub

I felt the need to repost this older blog from all the questions I have been getting lately about hot vs cold baths for max recovery.  Plus the new Attitude Nation video is below that my lovely and talented wife put together.  She has been working on the jerk like crazy........well shit, we all seem to be trying to tackle that damn Jerk.  The Jerk is a Jerk, and you will see the battle below.  Hope you enjoy it.  Salute and talk to you soon. 

I say "no" to cold baths. I say "yes" to hot baths. Hot water is the key for not getting injured, being able to train to max every day, and a world of relaxation that every weightlifter needs. I have no science behind me, just my own experience that has proven me right every time. I have taken three ice baths in my career, and it will stay at three for the rest of my life. There are five things wrong with an ice bath.

1) Its damn cold
2) Makes me feel like the tin man going into training
3) Did I mention that it’s freaking freezing!
4) The week I started taking the ice baths I felt injury around the corner
5) Felt down, tired, no energy – hard to move like Ali

Five reasons why to take a hot bath over a cold bath.

1) Its hot
2) It feels amazing
3) It will keep you loose as a goose for big PR's
4) Great conversations
5) A great time to relax your body and mind from the hell of training

This is my daily hot water schedule for Americans 6 months out, to Win back my title, and the Worlds next year. 

1) Hot tub in the morning before training
2) Hot shower right after first training
3) Hot bath before second training
4) Hot tub at night in the cool air after training
5) Hot shower or bath before bed.
6) (Repeat)

I truly believe more weightlifters should use hot water for their training, it works for me, maybe it will work for you. But The Attitude Nation is all about doing what you want to do, doing what works for you, and giving the rest of the "know it all's" the bird. So feel free to give me the bird, and live your life the way you want to.  Here is the New video below.  JERK THAT DAMN JERK BABE!

Hot Water 2016

Monday, December 26, 2011

Journey To Galaxy Podium

Take off time in T minus 2 minutes. The bar is loaded and ready for take-off. The steam is shooting out of my feet making my red superman cape sway back and forth, like the American flag on a windy day. The operator and director of the space ship sits high in his operation room with his blue monster, his dark beard, his fold out control panel, and his always tilted head making sure everything is......well, no one really knows why he does that. Some say it’s how he sees his vision of a perfect take-off and landing on the podium. He is a mad scientist, he is a brilliant space man, he loves Texas, meat, and Johnny cash. The towel over the legs and shoulders of the space ship keeps it warm for take-off, plus it’s what Klokov does.....and that space ship is fast.

Director Black beard makes sure the check list is in order before space ship superman takes off.
Green Monster fuel- Check
Shankle knee wraps- Check
Emergency coffee- Check
Techno Music from Kevin Cornell’s I pod- Check
Black beard staring at me with his head tilted to one side- Check
My team Mates- Check
The owner of the whole operation, with his arms crossed looking at me with no emotion besides his eyes saying that if I don’t land on the podium successfully then I will be working at Burger King. - Check
Attitude Nation next to me- Check
Space belt- Check
Superman pull- Check
Ali Feet- Check
Tyson Hips- Check
Genetically gifted genes from God so I never get hurt- Check
Strong- Check
Wife- Check
Family- Check
Official American snatch record- Uncheck
Shankle Blood to get official record- Check
Cal Strength robot heart- Check

T minus 1 Minute! The towels came off, the last bit of Monster fuel was drank, space belt was tight, Ali feet were loose, Tyson hips were cocked back, and the superman pull was ready for launch. As the door opened for me to get into the bar, I yelled out "Shankle" !! Gripped the steering wheel and began the first pull! The first pull felt good and strong as I got closer to the stars. Shoulders are back, ass is down, and the whole crowd can see the S on my chest. As the bar got closer to the knees it was time to break off the back end of the space ship so it could pick up more speed, and that meant time to get over that bar and push those knees back even more! Now is the hard part, staying on this course just long enough so the bar can raise a little higher and the knees can go back a little more, setting the bar up perfectly in front of the hips, (aka) the Tyson button that was installed right on my hips. This Button put the Space ship into max speed and explosion, making perfect headway to the Galaxy called podium. The journey of the pull is long and hard, but I have already come this far so I must stay committed and focused. BANG!! I gripped the wheel as the space ship jerked me around from the impact of the bar hitting the hips. Trying to hold on just for a second longer as the Ship "finishes" the extension faze, letting the heavy part of the ship drop. Ali feet moved so fast after the finish, that fire surrounded the ship catching my superman cape on fire.

Then quiet, everything was still and I could hear myself breath and my heart pound. The Attitude Nation has landed on the Podium and everything seems to be intact. The bar is still over my head….Thank God. Now I just have to stand up and feel the Podium under my feet. As I walked around on this beautiful Galaxy, I collected a bright Gold medal rock, I kissed it. Then the black bearded Director came through my ear piece......he said.......ATTITUDE NATION!!!!!!!!! Superman Pull 2012

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Dance

I have asked 166kg to dance for three months, and she said no every time, and then I would cry. She left me in the rain for many cold nights, as I watched her beautiful body dance through the Christmas window of the cold lit up street of San Fransisco. The way she spins made me melt into a warm puddle creating love steam. She looks so happy as she twirls like a ballerina around the Christmas tree. She is in love with someone else, she is not in love with me. As she dips she bends, but always stays strong. The sound of her oscillation creates a fast jerk to my heart. I would die to get under her. I would love to make woman.

My team mates and friends were pulling for me to snatch her love, but my enemy Clark had other plans. He had a good grip on her, a very strong hook that kept their love strong. I don't know what she saw in Clark, he wasn't the man for her. I could make her much happier. I would raise her higher than him, and follow her down gently. But I have other plans for Clark, I am going to slam him down til his collars... bone breaks. Soon she will officially be mine, as we dance under three white lights on the stage of love.

After two years of courting we recently became engaged. Ringing buzzers are soon to follow. Plans to make it official will take place at nationals. The Attitude Nation will be by my side. Love 2012

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Top ten favorite movies in order.

1. The Truman Show
2. Artificial intelligence (AI)
3. Beautiful Mind
4. Gladiator
5. Book of Eli
6. Catch me if you can
7. Godfather 1 2 3
8. Big Fish
9. Man on Fire
10.Love Liza

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love note to coffee

I am waiting in line for my sweetheart. My hands start to twitch as I become impatient. The way she moves is like a wave turning over and crashing down on the ocean water. Her smell is like jasmine and her kisses are like your first love note. There she is trapped behind the counter, reaching out for me with those sad, dark black eyes. Worry no more my love, I am here to save you from the green guards who have imprisoned you, for far too long. I’m breaking you out, and I will lay by your side for the rest of my dying days. We will live happily ever after once I have you in my arms, once I can drink up all your love you have to offer.

Your body glistens in the light, almost as if I can see right through you. The water dripping down your tall body is like rain falling when its sunny. You are beautiful, you are full of happiness and comfort. All my sadness has melted away by just seeing you sit there. Your Beauty has killed my insecurities, your motivation has made me want to keep fighting, your smile is absolutely lovely.

We take our first kiss and birds start to fly, Christopher Reeves stands, Priuses are no longer made, Jon North snatches the American record, Sinbad is finally in another movie, Dimas comes out of retirement, 2pac fly’s over our head like the blue angles at a baseball game, and Cal Strength becomes the new white house. Ice Coffee 2012

Monday, December 12, 2011


They took the 10 foot giant and locked him away in the coldest, darkest dungeon the world has ever seen. No light, no bed, no anything. 24 hour lockdown, 24 hour bars, 24 hour hell. The beast wasn’t allowed to get up, he had to lay there on the dirty ground with his face smashed against his own urine. Every time the giant beast tried to get up, the guards would kick him down, take there boot to the back of his face and press hard. The giant would cry, shake, call out for his mother, pray to God he could be set free, pray to God the pain would go away. But this never helped, it only made the guards more ugly. His body was green and blue from the beating. He couldn’t move his legs from being so soar, his body and mind completely shut down. He would lay there and take it, he came to the reality he would die in that cold cell, the beast was a goner. "Keep kicking him , and never stop"! The beast squeezed his hands and closed his eyes as hard as he could, trying to stay alive, trying to fight through this beating, trying to be strong.

The beast fell asleep and awoke to surprisingly little pain. He thought the guards had finally left him alone, he finally felt nothing. He didn’t know if he was dead or alive, he felt good, he felt strong, he felt pissed off, he felt ready to get up, ready to fight, ready to see his mom, ready to kill the men who did this to him......the beast was becoming a beast. The beast looked up to see five guards kicking him, but he did not feel there boots. The blood starting pumping through his body faster and faster, his heart was strong, his mind was deadly. He became numb, his body was a machine, it adapted to the kicks, it adapted to the cold cell and dirty floor, it was untouchable now and ready for war. As he started to push himself off the floor, the guards kicked down even harder, and soon more boots ran in to help. Now there was 10 guards kicking the beast on every part of the body, and the beast fell back to the ground. But every time the beast tried to get back up, he became closer and closer to standing, he became closer to killing and closer to destroying. Every attempt to stand the beast got stronger, Intel finally the beast stood tall, standing 20 feet high smashing his head through the roof of the cell! His eyes became red, and his arms swung side to side breaking down buildings and light posts. With one step this beast killed all 10 guards, with one step this beast created an earthquake, the beast was free and stronger than ever.

Train more, train heavier, train to train with pain, train tell you feel weak, train tell you can’t sleep nor walk. If you feel good during training then you’re not training. If you train three times a week, you are not kicking your body down. Get kicked! Stay down! The longer you are down the stronger you will be when coach stops kicking you and lets you stand. The weightlifter who stands all the time will not stand any taller. Start counting the cracks on the floor, it’s a fun game. Let me guess your knees hurt.... well good, that means your training, they are supposed to hurt. Make hell your home, make pain your comfort, sit in the dark.... after a while your eyes adjust. Train your body like a dog, train it to take the work load. Stop listening to your body! Don’t stand, not yet!
Attitude Nation is the cell and the weights are the guard, let’s get locked away and become the beast, let’s get kicked and then kick ass. Attitude Nation salutes you the fighter, the fighter who only sees the sun through the high bared window. Attitude Nation salutes you the weightlifter who lives in the dark and sleeps in pain. Attitude Nation Salutes you, the warrior who keeps coming back for more, Attitude Nation salutes you. Beast 2012

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Phil and I

Back in the green jungle high on coffee. The cold unforgiving road of weightlifting keeps winding on. The road can lead you to rays of sun, and then with a blink of an eye, it will throw you into the fires of hell. My view on top of the hill was beautiful. The view looking up isn't as lovely. National title to American Bronze, gold to dirt, Phil and I to young kids out of nowhere, smiles to let downs, sleep to staring at the ceiling. Cocky Jon North is dead for a little while, I am hidden away, trying to regain myself confidence. I am still trying to pull the dagger out of my stomach, I am still trying to figure out what happened.

This road of weightlifting led me to a wise man who gave me a map, and this map can lead back to the top of the hill. The old wise man said that this road map will have you seeing the beautiful sights again, and will take me out of my self-pity. The map was titled "what is a light day" The map had a picture of Ali with his hands raised, the map had a picture of Mike Tyson throwing a punch, a picture of Donny ripping a lion’s head off, and a giant elephant with working boots on. I guess it’s time to train again, I guess it’s time to do the only thing I know how, train. Back to the gym I go, back to work, back to the pain, the cold bar, chalky room, heavy weights, back to my home.

My hips hurt, my hands are falling off, my knees pop, my back kills, my shoulders burn, but worse of all my head hurts from the mental game this sport comes with. Thinking about your opener, about the what if's, about what you could be doing better. Do you go through all of this too? I try to close my eyes and shut my mind completely off from everything. The more I think the more I lose, the less I think the more I win. Why do you think I get so crazy before I lift, because if I didn't, I would Clark every lift I ever attempted. It’s a trick to get my mind off the weight, off what I have to do, and it works very well. My whole body hurts, I have been going strong for 4 years now with no end in sight. More training, more meets, more wins and more defeats, still training must happen, still you must pull on that bar every day. I limp to the gym with my Dimas lunch pale in my hands, eager to get back to work, hoping I have another day of training in me, fighting for every meet I go into. My shoes are falling apart and so are my straps. My belt has broken and the bars and plats in my gym are falling apart, and I feel like I am doing the same. How long can I fight this battle. These young kids keep coming out of know where like zombies, and my fighting arm is aching. Waves after waves of strong motivated athletes who have big dreams. I felt like it was yesterday I was one of those kids coming out of know where.
Phil, help me pick my sword up, I will help you put your armor on, if you help me with my shield. Let’s fight together as one, let’s show these young bucks what we still got, after we take our medicine and go on our walk. It was me and you for a while there. Best times of my life battling with you my friend, thank you for fighting with me. Losing to you was an honor, and beating you was life changing, so thank you. But a blue bird just landed on my shoulder out here in the half way house, and it whispered talk of sunshine and no end in sight, how there are many bright days ahead of our bumpy road. The weightlifting Gods have called in us to fight many moons more! Let’s take these white hospital outfits off, and break out of this bitch, and find a bar to lift!

Get the hell up Jon North, stop playing your violin and pick up the bar. Get cocky again, get crazy again, train heavy every day, keep fighting! Don’t give up, to many people are behind you to lose, get that Shankle blood pumping again, flip em off and tell em who the champ is. Drink your coffee and get back to the top. The Attitude Nation is made out of blood sweat and tears and nothing less than champions. Back to work I go, back to the sport I love and hate. I bet they loved it when I lost, I bet they love seeing me down, "down Jon North and stay down". You can say what you want, but don’t get to close or I will bite you, this dog might be limping, but I still have fight in me, I will still attack you. I might not win every meet, but I will be there looking straight in your eyes giving you everything I have, fighting with a broken leg, fighting with broken shoes and a bad back, I will still fight all you. Grab your sword Phil, and let’s get ready to fight another battle my friend. Phil Sabatini 2012

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coach Jackie Mah

Coach Jackie Mah you are an angel. You are a savior, you are a saint; you are warmth. Your soul has nothing but love in it. Your heart beats so loud and strong, that I can feel it from across the room. You have helped so many people in the world of weightlifting and in life. Everything you touch turns to gold. The look in your eyes is a blinding ray of passion and care. You don’t walk you float, you don’t coach you change lives, you smile and the world lights up, your presents is as comforting as Christmas morning. Coach, you can cure sadness with one touch, you lift much more than weights; you lift us all higher than your arms can reach. There is a reason that when you compete, the walls almost crumble down from the cheers and support that you receive. You have mastered the hug. The Jackie Mah Hug is world famous and the best hug anyone can ever receive. Your hug could cure cancer. Your strength can drag the Titanic out of the water with one hand; your love is changing the world.

Thank you for taking me under your giant white wing. Thank you for being my coach. I remember when we first met like it was yesterday. I was an unbroken horse who was wrestles and frustrated from being told I could never play football again. My report card was full of F's and life was approaching fast. I had no plans, dreams or paths to walk down. I’ll never forget the first time you approached me in the sac state gym. I was all over the place throwing around bars like a blind mad man on a rampage. I was the UN seen racing horse, who none of the trainers could control. Then from the corner of my eye, you slowly approached me and gently grabbed my arm. I remember how I just stopped everything and we both just looked at each other for a few seconds. A small smile came over your face as you introduced yourself. For some crazy reason all my frustrations and pain seemed to go away at that moment. Just one look and one touch from you, and you broke the wild horse who nobody wanted to even get near. You told me that everything was going to be ok; you told me that you would love to be my coach, and at that moment you changed my life. I remember closing my eyes and taking a deep breath like I could finally breath, like everything was going to be ok; and it was.

Coach Jackie Mah, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me a chance, thank you for giving me a life and showing me the way. Thank you for caring about me, thank you for feeding me at your house when I was broke and hungry. Thank you for the national title that we always wanted from day one. I remember we use to always talk about it, and now we have it. Thank you for the love you have shown me and the love you have given to others. Thank you for all the life coaching, keeping me out of trouble, giving me a purpose, and shining your bright light on my once very dark world. You took a chance with this crazy horse, and I hope I have made you proud. Thank you for the signed Arnold picture you gave me, thank you for teaching me all your great weightlifting secretes that made us a champion. Thank you for being you. I love you coach. Jackie Mah 2012

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bad Guy just stabbed me in the stomach. YouTube stabbed me in the back, Tnation kicked me while I was down, go heavy spit on me, and every other forum out there hates me. You hate me, you want me gone, you don’t like the attitude, and you don’t like the celebrating, the enthusiasm, or my antics. Pumping up the crowd and showing emotion will get you hung. You would love to drag me to the highest tree and hang me. You would get off your couches and all hold hands with smiles while my neck snaps, as I hang there swinging back and forth. Jon North is finally gone; Jon North is finally dead, now we can lift in peace, now he won’t embarrass his country anymore, now we can get back to our way of doing things. This sport is not welcoming; this sport has nothing but hate for me. I am not welcome here. I am an outlaw, the step son, the bad guy. I guess I have taken the roll of the bad guy. Everyone hates the bad guy, and you can’t wait tell I break my leg or get hit by a bus, but that’s ok, because I am here for you to hate. I am your stress ball to squeeze on. The Attitude Nation is your shoulder to lean on.

Attitude Nation, what these people and forums don’t know is that we are made out of steel. There dull knives can’t penetrate our skin. Throw your rocks and sticks, we won’t fall. Hang me from your tree, my neck doesn’t break. I will never stop being me, I will never stop representing my Country, I will never stop slamming those bars, spitting on those weights and pissing you off. If you don't like me now then you are in trouble, because I will only get worse, The Attitude Nation is growing, and that means people like you will grow as well, its just human nature. We will become your worst nightmare. I am the boogie monster in your closet my friends, I am the guy you can talk shit about in front of your girl, so you look like a bad ass. I give you something to do during the day.

I hope you sleep better at night after you write words of hate, I hope you feel better about yourselves after you cut me down, I am glad I can make you feel better about yourselves and hopefully I give you more confidence. Sleep well my angels, because tomorrow I am going to do more to piss you off, and that means you have a long day of cutting me down and coming up with more words of hate. You should all get together and find the most devil things to say to me, and I will rate them from 1 to 10. But you never share the words of hate to my face....why? Why do you hide from me? Why do you hide behind your computers? Why can’t you come out and play with me? The Attitude Nation is fun, join us! Who are you? What do you do? Why do you really hate me so much? I feel bad for you, all that anger inside towards me, and you can only get out through your key board. The Attitude Nation loves you, everything will be ok, and the bad guy loves you too. Anytime you get down about your life and you need someone to take it out on, I am here for you, you can lean on me and stab me over and over all you want. You can spit on my face and throw your rocks. I will be your punching bag; I will take one for the team. The Attitude Nation is here for all you who hate us. Keep going! Don’t stop! Let it out, get your feelings out, get your frustration out, go go go! The bad guy needs your fuel, the Attitude Nation runs on your hate, we need you just as much as you need us! So please never stop. Please get online right now and spread your words of hate about us, what are you waiting for!

I want to thank you all for building my profile as an athlete bigger and bigger over the years. Your time writing about me online has made me more popular than ever. They say bad exposure is good exposure, well… I would have to agree with that saying. My website is selling out weekly, I have shot three advertisements overseas this year alone, I am now sponsored by four companies, I am the proud coach of many athletes, your exposure has helped me fly all over the world teaching seminars, and last but not least your words of hate have given me the fuel to keep training harder and harder every day. Your hate keeps me making teams every year, keeps me wining national tittles every year, I am the champ because of you, I have represented my Country because of you, and I will break the American records because of you, so please don’t ever leave me. I need you. The Attitude Nation thanks you! Merry Christmas! Bad Guy 2012

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mr Black Sheep

Black sheep is walking to the gym. Black sheep has very lonely low eyes that only make contact with you for just a second, Intel he looks back down. Black sheep’s throws a baseball across the world; black sheep is a black sheep and marches to his black drum. Black sheep takes hot baths, while the white sheep take cold baths. The other sheep laugh at him for eating the wrong food in the meadow; black sheep seems to get lost in day dreams from time to time. Mr. Black sheep just does things differently than the other sheep. But what the white sheep in the village don’t know is that Mr. Black sheep sneaks off every night into the darkness, past the field, past the forest and over a lake that has been forbidden for any sheep to cross. There in the green tall grass that grows taller than his whole sheep body, lays about 20 other black sheep who were quietly waiting on Mr. Sheep who was running late like usual. All the black sheep were hidden from the tall grass and there black fur blended in perfectly into the night, which made them almost invisible. The tall grass moved fast as all the sheep start running further and further into the forbidden field witch finally opened up to a dream world, a world that no white sheep has ever seen, a world where they could be themselves and not be judged, a land of their own. The food, the water, the tree climbing, the flying, the games they played, yes these sheep could fly and climb trees. They could do anything. They were free and happy; they did what they wanted to do and didn’t listen to anyone else.

The world of the white sheep was very limited by the few books they had in the village. Limited by the lack of courage that the white sheep had, limited by the sense of adventure and wonder, limited by a few in the village that made the rules and told them how to think. The white sheep were brain washed, they were told how to play, run, eat and sleep. The young sheep would ask "well why"? And the older sheep would reply by saying "because” that’s why. They were gated off, the windows closed, the kid sheep became dependent on what all the books said and lost all imagination. The white sheep were dying for life, they were gasping for air, they were handcuffed to others worlds and teaching's, they needed to be set free, experience things on their own. “Touch the hot fire son”, ouch! “Father why did you have me touch the hot fire it hurt”? “Now you know how it feels my son, now you will never be tempted to touch it again, now you know for yourself rather than just taking y word for it”. A few of the white sheep heard about this teaching that the father performed to his son, and other things like taking hot baths instead of cold, and this upset the white sheep so much that they kicked the farther and son out if there village into the world they have never seen, just heard about. As they walked further and further they found all the black sheep crossing the forbidden lake. The black sheep saw the sadness on the fathers face, and how the son was more scared than ever. The night just became much, much colder.
The attitudes of the black sheep changed in seconds, as all 20 of them lifted themselves 8 feet tall on their hind legs. The white sheep looked up in dis believe. The black sheep walked past the farther and son as they marched towards the village. The closer they got the more black sheep would join, where did they come from no one new. Hundreds then thousands then millions came together. They came out of holes, trees, high grass, some even came down from the sky with wings, and they marched.

They march turned into a slow walk, then a fast walk, then a dead sprint as they entered the village that almost took up 1,000,000 acres of land and prisoned white sheep. The black sheep swarmed into the city like water hitting the sand. They destroyed everything in sight. Standing up to the leaders who didn’t want freedom. The leaders who made them feel like outsiders. They black sheep stood on the highest mountain and told the white sheep to live there life’s, be themselves and try things on your own. The white sheep were free to do as they pleased once all the walls and ceilings were torn down and the sheep in power were told to leave and never come back. The black sheep got back on four legs and went back to their dream world over the lake. The new village was now a dream world; the black sheep call their dream world the attitude nation. The End

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Room 2

The closer you got to room 2 the darker the hallway got. The lights would flicker and the wind would whistle through the broken door leading to the outside court yard. The same yard where I would cry before class. The same yard I would sit in, while class was in session. Eyes where sad, heads were down, and bad attitudes were in full effect. Anger and sadness where the two feeling's you got while being around room 2. The sky was not the limit for us, therefor the sealing was lower and the options for life were scars. In room 2 you will find zombies that never went far from the room, lunches were eaten fast in a different part of the cafe, and soon back to base. A place where we were catergorized, put to the side for the other kids to play and grow like weeds. Room 2 was a place for kids who were "special” a place for kids who had trouble learning, a place where I called home from 1st grade to 12th grade.

5+5=11 what did I just read? What is the teacher talking about? Why are all the kids writing? the room is so quite from all the heads down taking the test. I wonder why jimmy whore that green shirt, why is the teacher reading about planes? I can’t keep my head down; I am going to fail this test very badly, just like all of them. I hate school, I hate this classroom. My mom told me never to say hate, but I hate this test. The writing on the paper is in Spanish and I can’t stop moving my feet. All I feel is frustration and anger. I keep staring outside the window wondering what’s out there for me. What am I going to do in that big world? Kids start to turn their papers in with smiles, and I keep writing over my name bolder and bolder, over and over, with a look of defeat. I need to move, I need to get out of this school and get into the world. I am in jail; this book is my hand cuffs, this school is my prison. I want to be free, I want to lift weights, run, play football, get into a fight, be hit, hit, try new things, go to the edge and almost fall over. I want to live, I want to move on to the next room and say goodbye to 2 and see how 3 or 4 is. I want to explore, find a world of my own and live there forever.

c,d,c,f,c,d,c on my report card. I really thought this one was going to be better. I will go train in the school gym, a place that I could just sit in and feel good. A place that was always cold but warm, a place where I could feel confident in, a place that always felt like Christmas morning. The worse my report card was, the more weight I lifted, and the more I realized that I must learn how to play the game of life. Find my own way through this maze, I must be a fighter, must attack the world from a different direction than most, or I will die in room 2.

But my plan of attack was not working. College came around and I was chained deep in the dark whole of room 2 never to be seen again. I would here the kids talking about jobs, money, success, dreams, there major, there interviews and achievements. I remember wanting to be them so very bad, I wanted to have something I could do, touch, have control over, make my own, just like all of them. I was upset at myself, know one else.

Room 2 let me go when they finally kicked me out for bad grades. The jail cell opened and the outdoors light was bright, the sounds were loud like I just stepped onto a new planet for the first time. No money, no job, no life. I would sit on the outside bench watching all the people walk by me back and forth like they were in a movie being directed by a director. I was still moving my feet, having random twitches in my arms and shoulders. There was something in me that wanted out, an alien that was about to rip my stomach open and start hoping over cars.

The night was freezing when I was woken by an angel with three white stripes looking down on me. I was still on my bench when I saw this women with wings. There were know more people, know more loud sounds, just me and this women in the cold night. She was beautifull. Take this bar sweet child, and lift it above your head with all the might in the world. Do this and you will have a purpose, lift this bar and you will be set free, lift this bar and you will find love in your life and even change the lives of others. Go ahead grab it, take it in your hands and raise it above your head like it’s the world. Now go, follow the path the bar has for you, and make your mother proud, your sister proud, and yourself proud, walk and never look back.

I was lost back then but now I am found. I was confused back then but now I am smart, I was an F now I am an A, I was losing back then now I am winning, I was laughed at now I am laughing, I had 5 special attention teachers, now I teach. I was sad now happy, I failed English now I write, I had hate in me and now I love. Now I lift every day. I lift the world over my head, I lift for my family, I lift for my wife, I lift for you mom, I love you mom. Attitude Nation I salute you. 2012

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 1

song - John Williams A.I. OST Monica's theme

     Wake up my friend,  because today is day 1.    Today is the day where you get to start over, start fresh, or just add on to something you have been doing for some time now.  But today is different, today you are done trying, you are done experimenting, done thinking, done asking, done reading, done watching, done learning,  now its time for doing.  There is something in the air this morning, the smell is different, the hard wood floor underneath your feet when you get out of bed feels different, your shower is hotter and your shave glides like snow dogs pulling there sled.  Your coffee tastes better and stronger, the sun hits your face through the slightly opened window that feels amazing from the warmth and the cold air hitting you at the same time.  Today is a different day, a brand new day, a Christmas morning day.
    This morning I will create my own path to walk down, and what I do when I walk down this path is what I have aways wanted to do.  But see I ran into many monsters on my old path, did things that I wish I never did, acted certain ways that I lose sleep over, and hurt many people that I wish I never hurt.  I have no excuses, even though I foolishly blame a few things like the flowers I chose to eat and my bad choice of water I chose to drink, but at the end of the day its just me walking down a lonely dark path.  Day 1 is different, the path is bright and I will not make the same mistakes I made on my old path.  I will become a better person, I will train harder than ever, I will double my shot of love and appreciate this short life much more. 
    I drive to work and all you see is a flash of light, I drink my coffee and I grow fifteen feet taller, for the first time in a while I want to lift weights.  I coach tell I pass out,  I don't open doors I kick them down, and I love all the people who hate me.  The attitude nation is day 1 everyday, we will not let the dark corners of life capture us and bring us down.
     Weightlifting is so mental, that it can effect your whole career if you have a bad outlook on the sport or in life in general.  I have missed many lifts from a sad, weak, or scared mind.  That will never go away all together, but the less these thoughts and emotions happen, the better you will train.  Train hard today and you will feel good tomorrow, and when you feel good tomorrow, you will then want to train hard the next day.  The better you train, the better you feel, the better you will sleep, the better you will eat, the better  your life will be.  This is why weightlifting to me is not just a sport but a way of life, my air, my gas and the only thing that keeps me going.  Without it I would be in a mental institution knocking my head against the wall over and over again.  I would be un happy, I would be weak minded. Weightlifting keeps you real, gives you feedback on who you are as a person, and always hits you in the face when needed.  If you can bust through the walls of weightlifting, fight the pain and let downs, and keep training everyday no matter how you feel, than you can do anything in life, you are a gladiator.   See the reason I am writing this blog this morning is because I am very down right now, I do not have any confidence or motivation at this time becasue I haven't lifted weights in the last few days.  I just got back from the Grand Pri where I did horrible, even the coffee is having a hard time picking me up.  So I write, I write to the attitude nation and I feel better.   People who get me, where others look at me like an alien.  Thank you for giving me a chance, and eccepting me for me.
       I train today at two so I am very very excited to get my fix, get that "pump", that emotion, that straight shot of life, then I will be back to normal.  See what most people don't know about me is I get very down, from being so high.  There is know middle ground for me, one extreme or the next, just like my coffee, training, drinking, and etc... Something I have been struggling with and working on my whole life.  Weightlifting will some day cure this, I am sure of it.  
     Today is day 1.  Today is the first training session for the Americans.  Today is the first day where the attitude nation marches faster and harder, day 1....lets train.             

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I cast my line into the fast moving stream of water, where I have been catching fish sense early this morning.  Its cloudy and cold outside, far from Christmas time but it smells like Christmas, it has the Christmas feel to it. Cold air, fog still lingering around the wet grass that has now turned into mud, from standing in the same place for so long.  Gusts of wind that hit your face, taking away your breath for just a split second, then calm, with only the sound of the white water moving like a herd of  horses.   I have been catching fish at this same place for years now, with no sign of people besides my lovely wife, who is  back at our cabin cooking breakfast......don't worry sweetie I will do the dishes!   No people, no talk, just fishing and sleeping.  Did I mention how Much I love Christmas time, the only thing I miss is Christmas music.  I will never go back to society, I love fishing way to much.  Nobody can tell me how to fish out here, what bate to use, or  how to catch the most fish.  Me doing what works for me, me living my life the way I want to. That sounds nice.  I work hard in what I do, even though I do it differently than other people, but I sleep well at night. 
     Over the years I like to pride myself of being a good fisherman, and I did it with know knowledge besides my own experience.  I am self taught, and if I have any questions about fishing,  well.... I ask myself, not the bears.  See the bears all follow a hand book that explains how to catch fish, witch is fine, but the only thing I don't like about the hand book is how the hand book tries to catch me, and trap me in the herd. 
     Be selfish, it will work for you and others.  It will give others that read the hand book ways out, new ideas, they can believe in themselves rather than others who tell them "no".  I, the attitude nation believes in you, you can do it, and you can do it your way, not there's.  There is a whole world out there waiting for your new ideas, your success, your motivation, so put down the hand book and create your own.  Take your arm and put it on the edge of the table, then slide everything off of it.  I fish my way, did I ask for your opinion?  No more chatter, just fishing, just living my life, keeping my eyes wide open, looking behind each bush, behind each door.  You will be interested in what you would find.  Don't listen to me, I am the guy you need to tell to shut up, tell me to get lost.
     When I drink coffee I see things, I am seeing things right now, different colors and white lines.  When I was a kid I use the think I could see air, but everyone told me that it was impossible.  It turned out that it was because I needed glasses, and it was my very poor eye sight that caused it.  When I drink coffee I can see the air again, so maybe I CAN see air.  When I look at you I am drunk off coffee,  your head is a blur, your words are shaky,  I like to just smile and laugh, while I walk forward.  I see things in a different light, and the reason is because I had to.  I am not book smart, I have no degrees, no certs, no real work experience, so I needed a plan, I needed a way to fish that was going to get me ahead of the rest with what I had, a way that was going to get me a lot of fish.  I couldn't read the hand book, because I didn't understand the hand book.  So now you have me, this guy who came form nothing, took the broken path, catches fish standing on his head with his pole back words.  Anytime life gets hard I think of Christmas and how much I love the smells, the tree, the lights, all the family and the music.  Anytime someone tells me how to fish I just smile.  North 2012   

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Green Hamster"

Attitude Nation Salute!  haha I just cracked an Ice cold green monster, and I am so very happy.   That first chug burns the throat in a way that makes you smile.  I am listening to my new favorite song by Foster the people, titled pumped up kicks.  You have to listen to this song to get the full effect.  Actually every blog I write has to do a lot with what song I am listening to, so from now on,  I will post the song to each blog.
  Lets see I feel like a green hamster, a green hamster that travels the world lifting weights and spreading my super man pull, my ideas, what Shankle has passed down to me, love, energy, and what I did to get to the top.  I always have to go around the building to smoke my sticks, the get away sticks, the leave me a lone for a few minutes sticks.  Ireland one week, Arizona the next, cold hotel rooms, dive bars, new friends, crossfiters to sprinters, hello people the green hamster just checked in, and I am ready to slam some bars.  USA weightlifting hates me, but I smile and keep dancing, keep making money, keep succeeding while my middle finger is in the air.  I wont stay in line, I wont become a sheep, you cant brain wash me.  The Olympic training center.... never, they should be lucky to train at Cal Strength, I wouldn't go there if they paid me.  The attitude nation is USA weightlifting, not the old grumps that never smile, those are the red hamsters.
   I want to apologize for being gone for a while, I have been traveling and training like a bat out of hell.  They gave me a bat map, and I have been destroying what coach has for me.  Anything he says I do, I am getting freaky strong.  I married a puff, and I am a snuggle, I love that who puff like crazy.
     Bar back not up, do that, you will lift more weight.   Bar separation is important, and bending your arms while lifting just makes you more of a bad ass.   ok ok I am sorry, enough with the boring technique talk!!!  wait one more thing, Stop pulling your shoulders back so early!   stop pulling with your arms!  I cant stand how people like this guy named Mark Rippetoe guy teaches the lifts.  no one lifts like that, who is this guy?  He is talking shit about me.  I wish I could put my national medal in his cereal bowl just so he can taste it.  Starting strength, ha!    That book and that program is a joke, that book is by itself destroying peoples dreams of being a weightlifter and just weight training in general to become stronger.  I call that book how not to work hard.
      I don't know how I got onto that, I think the song changed to something a little more dark.  Green Hamster needs to keep training hard.......PAN AM GAMES three weeks out.     Champ 2011 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Donald Duck

     My role model has left me for a few months, I guess this bird needs to step outside the nest and try things out on my own.  hmmm, lets see, this is my gym now............, I might just sit here and figure out how I ended up here, hmmm maybe I will lift some weights on my own, Donny is now gone, now I can take normal people jumps, now I can listen to my music without the Shankle giving me that look  like I didn't eat all my vegetables.  Now I can make my own rules, I am Donny Shankle.  My music, my jumps, my time, my gym, my turn to lift, my intensity, my time to tell people to stop talking, my turn to be king.  I like this, no one  in the gym yet, just me poking around my new nest, a nest of two years, but now it looks so different.  My nest, not yours.
     Good bye Donny....hello Jon North, wow this thrown feels comfy, so this is what it feels like.  wow this crown is heavy, how did he wear this everyday for so long?  This long red robe drags me down when I walk, I see, that's how he got so strong.  I am a little bird that is trying to walk with really big cloths on, this will  take a while.  Just stepped on some chalk, let me shake off my feet.  Damn this Robe is getting dirty, I wonder what kind of soap he used.  My four arms now have duck gladiators with swords and shields on them.  My pants are higher than usual, and my voice just became much quakier. What is happening to me?  These other ducks seem to be a little nervous around me, and I really just want to talk and play.  I just looked back and realized how far away I am from my nest, I am deep into Cal Strength now, very deep, there is no turning back now, I must keep going on.  Donny did it, I can.  I have big webbed feet to fill, I have to keep walking to try to fill em.  
     I hop onto a big platform and start lifting, wow, I feel extra strong right now....even my jerk looks good, huh.....I didn't no I was a hip cleaner....?  Once a baby duck, now a Donny duck, now I am the king of this familiar world, this crown is fitting better and better everyday.  The big Gold thrown will be waiting for you Donny, but while you are gone, I will go ahead and keep it warm for you.   King Duck 2012

Friday, August 26, 2011

6 for 6

They say first pull second pull, I say superman pull.  They say pull up, I say push back.  They say extend, I say Tyson hips.  They say brush the bar, I say hit the bar. They say move your feet, I say Ali feet.  You say 6 for 6, I say you went too light.  People say "Clark"  I say it's going heavy everyday.  It's not bombing out, it's being a weightlifter.  Its not over training, It's called being a pussy.  It's not called percentages, It's called comfort zones.  They are not called straps, they are called we train more often than you do.  You pull, we snatch.  You drop snatch, we drop under the snatch.  You stretch, I drink coffee.  protein, you mean more coffee.  They call it a national tittle, I call it more money.  fast means Caleb Ward, coach means Pendlay, hard core is not cross fit, it's Donny Shankle.  Screw three whites, I just want two.  Don't just make it, smoke it, easy is cheesecake.  Don't miss in it front, walk it out.  They have Masters Degrees, I have a USA Degree.  Light day...WHATS A LIGHT DAY!  Train through meet....I call it Pr total.  They say make lifts, I say win.  Champ 2012   

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Donny and Jon Mess Around

This blog is going to suck, because this blog has writers block, and this blog has nothing interesting to say.  No motivation, nothing funny, nothing about weightlifting, nothing sad and deep, just....well.....this. (Jon)

I think you are on to something. My mind is all over the place. I mean at one moment I am thinking of the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, while the next moment I am trying to figure out the actual price of tea in China. I mean what the hell is going on here.(Donny)

We have been sitting in this room trying to find the right music to inspire an inspiring post, but after about twenty songs from different movies that Donny told me to listen to, the screen remands still white with no writing.  I am about two monsters down, and Donny is slamming his red bull, I only think he is drinking red bull to rebel from what I drink...asshole.  I find what Donny said at the top fucken hilarious, what the hell is he talking about!  I don't know why I just wrote that question,  because I can just look over at him right now and ask him...hold on.... he told me "what do you want me to say".  (Jon)

I mean did you just see that cat. I swear I saw a cat. I watched this movie Event Horizon last night and I didn't know what the hell was going. This shit was like a combination between Star Wars and Nightmare On Elm Street. (Donny)

On my third monster and I have no idea what to write about, all I know is I have been in this gym all day and I need a shower very badly.  These energy drinks can make you feel very good, but also give you a bad headache.  I saw the movie soul surfer the other night, great movie, great for the family, and I cant believe that is a true story.  Michael Savage had a great show yesterday like always. I listened to an hour of it in the carls junior parking lot while eating my double bacon western cheese burger with fries, a sprite and one dollar beef taco. (Jon)

I wonder if you stand on your head and eat pop-sickles to fast will you get the cold feeling on your ass. Maybe not but maybe so (Donny)

I have nothing to say (Jon)

lol...Dammit how come my guidance counselor never told me I could make money having sex with porn stars..Somebody find me a great white shark to punch in the face (Donny)

Good point are a genius.  Why do older people on college campuses always have rolly back packs and not normal bags that go around your shoulders?  Burger King is the worst fast food restaurant.  I wonder who would win in a fight, chuck Norris or Glenn Pendlay?  This is the worst blog I have ever wrote....but could be the best at the same time. (Jon)

Jon keeps asking me what to say and I have no idea. I am just letting shit float up and puttin them out there. I want you all to know there is no reefer going around this table. I get drug tested a hell of a lot.  (Donny)

I am not in the mood. I want to wright something funny so people will laugh and I am a part of the fun. (Jon)

Step back paddly wack put me in the zone. YA baby that shit floated (Donny)

One sec (Jon)

lol...You notice how these phrases keep getting shorter. About as short as Obama's term in office. (Donny)

Hounddogs, boondocks, and flapjacks. Sorry Jon I just had to throw that in there. OK GO! (Donny)

Give me the key board Donny I have something to say..........never mind here is Donny again. (Jon)

We need to zero in on something here. You know what I hate SILK. You know that milk made from soy. That ain't milk and it aint no milk byproduct or nuttin of the sort. All milk comes from tits... Them damn hellions...somebody pass a pickle (Donny)

This will never be posted(Jon)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Symphony Of Steel

     Crack, crisp, down, two more to go.   bang bang, now I have three green monsters in me, and now I have been bitten by the green vampire.  I left my car running in the parking lot as I walk into the middle of the street, right left right left, eyes don't blink, I don't care, big smile on my face, if a baby would see me, they would probably ask there mom what I was.  Sometimes I just feel like jumping, and  hoping, it's the blood in me that pumps to hard.  The green blood that makes my heart hurt from so much energy, drive, anger,  and fucking frustration.  The only thing I regret as I walk out to the middle of the road is how I should have downed more monsters, how I am so close from losing my mind, and how I actually want to.  It's my goal. I want to see how it feels.  Energy takes over and I feel like breaking your window to your Prius and ripping you out of it.  I feel like sitting in the space ship all day with Donny, and playing a symphony.  A symphony in space , a symphony of steel, a symphony made beholden to the power of MAN!
     I will sin in the streets and cry out for more, as cars will go around me, I will not go around them.  Hold the wheel Donny I need to go pee, watch out for the stars Donny they will burn us alive, watch out for those big rocks Donny, please don't just go through them, you are strong... but not that strong.  My pee is green and Donny didn't listen, I guess He is stronger than I thought.  I guess this fucker is the black sheep and I am still in the white, I guess I need to earn my color and become captain of this ship.  I slam 20 monsters only to realize how good I feel, my head moves back and forth like a kid steeling candy from a candy shop. Maybe I will sneak away and hide from everyone. I just found Donny, damn he beat me to it.  Donny and I have been in this hide away all morning, the hide out is filling up fast with monsters. 
     I am in space with a basketball star, an animal I love, and my best friend coffee, monster is just the drug.  Black on black space ship that seems to always be running into rocks because Donny does what he wants, and doesn't listen!
     I like the sound of the Piano, and the sound of the Violin.  My space ship is filled with monsters, green like money and green like go.  My Blog loses hits the longer I go.  My mind is lost, my thoughts are on meth, my posts get stranger because I start to get more comfortable.  As Donny once said......"lets train".    

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"The old show "

     I need a coffee like I need to win the Olympics.  I need a coffee like I need to break the American records. I need a coffee like I need coach to call in sick one day so I can finally rest.  Damn I need a coffee.  Training has been hell, is always hell.  I remember in College there would be days that I would just lay around all day and play video games...heaven.   Now its barbell in front of my face, barbell in my hands, barbell on my back and even in my head.  This fucken barbell follows me around everywhere, now that I found my bar I am almost wishing it would float away from me again.  Maybe I shouldn't have wrote the "red Balloon". 
     Train train, that's all I know these days.  It's almost like I have forgotten who I am.  I sometimes sit in the gym watching other people come and go thinking I am missing out on life.   Am I?   Then I am woken up from  coach telling me to lift the barbell, that fucken barbell.  I don't know if that barbell is my friend or my enemy, Sometimes I don't want to lift, sometimes I want to go play outside.  I slammed the bar down at nationals winning me the national tittle, and making the Pan Am games all in one lift, but for some reason I didn't feel the same joy and accomplishment that I did last year at the Arnold.  If you youtube my name you will find me winning the 2010 Arnold and putting me on the USA team for the Pan Am Championships.  That moment was the best moment in my whole career, possibly life.  But why not this year, you would think that this years nationals would have brought me much more happiness.  I kept looking for the rush of joy, I thought it would come any minute.  It never did.  Maybe my first coach Jackie Mah was right, she always said that "its the climb up that will be your best moments in this sport, the top will never feel the same."  I now understand what she means. 
     I have a long ways to go in this journey, but the higher I climb the more dark it gets, the less excitement I have, the less I yell, slam bars and call weightlifters names out before lifting.  Maybe I have let people's negative comments get to me without me even knowing.  Maybe The bar is just set higher, or maybe reality has kicked in, that I could make an Olympic team.  Its weird how you want something so bad, and you fight for it  for so long, but once it is in reach you hesitate to grab it.  I am like an act that is getting old.  The show is dying and the people are leaving.  You are once a breath of fresh air, you are the crowd favorite, you are the talk of the group.  Intel  time goes by and you succeed, the hype goes way down, the bets start to turn else where and you are just another top weightlifter sat next to by the other top weightlifters.  Now I am categorized, jumping Jonathan North is dead, UN original, just another.  Maybe this is why I was not more excited lately.  I will watch others laugh and fool around in the gym all day, while I am leashed to the platform.  I am fine with that, they can do what they want.  I have coach to talk to and my team mates who seem to come and go over the years.  I will still be here, training away, in my corner.  If you want to find the old race horse, the old act, the old show,  I will be in the back of the gym with coach Pendlay.    see you there someday.   Champ 2012

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nation of go getters

     Its time to train mother fuckers.  O yes, yes I am at the green jungle gulping down my life drink, my motivation potion, my dark big coffee that looks so damn sexy.  I am going to finish this one and then buy another, I will probably have three before practice tonight.  Practice starts at 4, and I will be ready.  I am ready to take on the whole fucken world, lets go, game time.  Everyday I wake up with a mission to win, win in weightlifting and in life.  I view life as a game, and I am playing to win.  I am a gladiator of life.  I am a hard working republican that has created something from nothing, the only help I ask is from this coffee that keeps looking at me, i swear this coffee is alive.
      I hate sleep, I just want to keep going.  I want my website to grow bigger and bigger, I want to make the Olympic team, I want to help Cal Strength take over the world, I want to be the best fucken Husband in the world, I want my mom to be happy, I want my sister to love life and be treated well, I want to keep winning, I want to give back to Donny what he has done for me, I want to make my boss and coach proud,  I want to keep pissing people off,  I want the Jon north nation to grow into an army and change this sport into something more than it is now, I want to coach everyone my way, the Superman pull way, the hit the bar with your hips way, the stop talking about hamstring way, the train heavy every day way, and the what is a light day way.  
      Do you feel the same way I do?  Do you wake up everyday and feel like attacking the world?  I bet you do if you follow this blog.  The people who read this blog are people who put things on the line, fear the comfort zones, risk, take, live life to the fullest, are happy, who try hard in everything they do, these are the people of the north nation, you are the people who will change the world and this sport.  Don't read this blog if you are not on board, get the fuck out, we are to busy winning, winning in all different aspects of life. 
    We are people who will cut you in line if you are taking to long, we have things to do so move.  I don't have time to drive in the slow lane, move.  I don't have time to complain all day so leave.  I don't play my Violin, we play our marching drums, you look at the clock and wait for the day to be over, we don't know what time is because its all one big race, fuck a clock.  You Chat we train, you think we do, you stop training we keep going, we love you hate, we attack you surrender.
      Yes yes yes!  YES THIS IS A GOOD FUCKEN BLOG!  haha I am now ready to train, Lets go, lets train!  train train train train train train, and train some more.  I will clark a thousand bars but always come back for more.  I will bomb out many more times but I will see that weight again.  Coach Pendlay is my leader so I know I will win the war even with many battles lost.  Donny Shankle motivation, Donny Shankle keeps going, and I will go with him.    Jon North Nation 2012

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello friend

     Back in the jungle drunk off coffee.  Yes I trained today, just like everyday, twice a day and very hard everyday.  Yes I did my squats and I cleaned up the gym, eat all my food, did my laps in the pool, talked to coach about game plans, kissed my Fiance during lunch time, took my dog on a walk, did some coaching, but now its my time, its time to sneak away to the green jungle.  So hear I am writing to you again about God knows what.  No one in this place knows me, and its great.  I am just an average Joe in hear, free to drink coffee, watch weightlifting videos, chat to old friends from college, and write to you.  How was your day?   How did your training go?  Any Pr's?  I swear you are my best friend, so thanks for hanging out with me. 
     Lets see hear yes I am excited for the Pan Am Games in Mexico, but I have to say I am more excited to watch a movie tonight with my fiance.  Besides hanging out with you and drinking coffee, my favorite thing in the whole wide world is watching a movie on the floor with my fiance and my daughter with four legs.  I saw the best movie I have seen in a long time the other night, you should go rent it tonight!  Its called KILL THE IRISHMAN.  Its based on a true story witch makes it way better.  Its about the legendary Danny Green, the man that took on the mafia, gangs, police and everything that basically messed with him or got in his way.  I don't want to say much more about it, you just need to trust me and watch it.  I hate action movies, sorry I don't know why, and that's why I like this movie, it's a drama with some punch in it.  If you like the Goodfellas, or casino you will love this movie.
       I really do believe that the hot tub is the best thing you can do for recovery.  Before and after, it wakes me up, loosens me up and gets me going.  I have heard all these different run downs about how the hot tub can make you tired....non sense, get out of town with that craziness.
      I will probably start to lose viewers on my blog left and right because most of them are weightlifters and they want to hear the secrete, programing, training story's, technique talk, I am sorry but that would put me asleep, but for the people who like to hear me go on about random life stuff, crazy stories that always seem to come to me, then thank you for staying my friend.
      Didn't get a lot of good feedback form my last blog...hmmm that's weird to me, I thought it was good.  but o well, I will just keep writing away because its my new favorite thing to do.  I would love to start training with other people, I think that's key to training.  I love the people who I train with, not people but my team mates, but I love to mix it up more, anybody want to come train with me?  You can stay at my place it will be fun.  We can hot tub at night, play some poker after dinner, and train all damn day.  I think I am going to become a mute, and only write from hear on out.  No more yelling, and shit talking at meets or in training, just some crazy guy in the corner who is throwing up big weight, then I will get on hear and go crazy.  I think that would be impossible though.  Its funny when people think that what I do in training or in meets is some sort of act, like I am putting on a show.  I find that funny, trust me that's just my crazy self, that's just my emotions getting the better of me, but I really do think that you guys get me, because I know that a lot of people don't.
      My favorite movie is the Truman show, what is yours?  second is AI, third is beautiful mind, fourth is gladiator, fifth is man on fire, six is catch me if you can, seventh is book of eli.
      Does anybody hear drive a Preus?  I am sorry but wtf is that?  I saw how much they are and I almost fell over, why would you spend money on that weirdly shaped car?  O I forgot to save the world and the polo bears, well I guess someone needs to. 
     My roll model is Michael Savage, sorry if you now hate  for those who like him as well than lets have a toast.  When the day gets hard I will slip into my car and crank him up, I guess when he gets his frustrations out I get my out at the same time without saying anything, its perfect.  Now that I listen to Savage everyday, even rush is to soft for me now, ts crazy!  I use to love Hannity, well I still do but that's middle school stuff compared to the Savage nation.  lol I don't know where I am going with this, I guess I am brain washed. 
     Is fast food bad for you?  Will this sport grow more popular?  Will I be able to buy a house next year?  I wonder how hard training is going to be tomorrow.  O I have Kaleb witby coming out tomorrow to train and visit!  Yes, I love this guy, very cool, nice, laid back, and great athlete.  He is staying at my place this weekend, so I can have someone to ramble to about my crazy ideas and beliefs.  Well I think the main reason he is coming out hear is for the Pendlay certification, so I guess I am second on the list.  You probably keep looking at your watch thinking to yourself how much stuff you still have to do today and how much longer is this long, drawn out post going to last, well have a good day, train hard, see you tomorrow.  north 2012

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


     We are an army that leans back to back as we march forward with high knees in the dark and red sky.  Can you picture an army of thousands all moving at the same time?  I can, now let me add some fog in there just to make the picture more intense, more bad ass.  Up a hill with one dead tree, that has been burned from some fire that killed the whole damn village, we march right past as we all start to spread wider and wider taking over anything that gets in our way,  you look this way I  look that way.  When I step you step, when I march you march, when I attack you attack.  If you were a frog and you saw this army stomping your way you would hop, and hop fast.  If you were a straight line Joe you would jump and run,  just like you want to do everyday in your office of blank walls. but you cant because you don't have an army to run with, you are scared, you are a Ferris wheel of boredom.  Weightlifting family we raise our glasses together, and drink our milk around the biggest camp fire in the world, completely protected from the light and dark.  We are not in either, we are the biggest army that know one has ever seen, or knows about.  As the snow falls hard we keep marching as we drag our bars behind us. Rest is for the weak, bar dragging is all we know, pushing on into the red mountains is all we will ever do. 
     Shankle catches his wolf and cuts it's throat while riding on it's back, that wolf is now dead and now we eat.  Kendrick Farris runs fast with his dreads behind him as he jumps and throws his bar 10 football fields long hitting a bear through the eyes, now we eat.  Pat Mendez comes out of his cave reaching 55 feet tall with a fist bigger than the Madison square garden,  pounding the ground creating a crack that swallows a dinosaur whole, now we celebrate.  A quiet and calm veteran named Chad Vaughn that is the deadliest of them all, pulls back his bow and arrow as he lets 1,000 arrows go at one time, flying down and striking every enemy that is even thinking about attacking this cult, family, army, gang, mafia.  We walk tall when we march, we march because we don't have time to stop, we don't want to stop.  When it gets dark coach Pendlay leads the pack as he blows out fire from his mouth,  lighting up the darkness.  He does this is in a way that looks like he is about to explode or "finish" in the snatch, butt back and shoulders over with some very bent arms like a hip cleaner.  Big Phil turns his arms into machine guns and shoots anyone or thing in our way, and I will add a cigar, overalls and a mike Tyson face tattoo in there as well. 
     USA weightlifting, garage lifters, hot shots and small jocks, big gyms or your gym, board shorts or Adidas, slam bars or follow bars, lets keep attacking side by side, lets keep marching, lets keep lifting.
Champ 2012

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Slam Bars

     I wish I could slam other things rather than bars.  I am tired of only slamming bars, there are so many other things I would love to slam.  Maybe the reason why I slam bars is because I imagine slamming other things.  Maybe the hate, sadness, and frustration drive me to slam bars.  I want my father back, I miss my dad.  I wish after I slam the bar glass would shatter everywhere, and the crystals would fly away and never come back.  I wish when I slam the bar that the white powder would be sweeped away by the wind to never be found again.   One day I want to slam a bar so hard that my dad would be released from the hell the devil has put him in.  I wounder if that could ever happen? 

     I wish the bar would take me back to the blue house, the black Lexus, the big offices of Nextel, movie theaters, gas station stops, hotel rooms, soccer games, working out together at Bali's, space Nettle, home videos.  I wish the bar was a time machine. I wish the bar could kill what I wanted it to. I wish the bar would do what I said. I wish the bar was my magic bar.  I wish the bar would bring my dad to see me lift, I think he would be proud of me and what I am doing with my life.  I know he wanted me to get into the business world, the happy hour world, the people world.  But who knows, maybe he would have preferred this lifestyle I live in.  I go back and forth from sad to mad, I have found that it's very hard to control my emotions. 

     I slam the bar with hate, hate towards drugs, hate towards my dad choosing drugs over my mom and I. Hate towards alcohol and what it has don to me, hate towards myself for the person I can sometimes become, hate towards my past and the things I did.  Sometimes I slam bars and I have no idea what I am hateing, but its there in the back of my throat.  My emotions are a roller coaster that has lost all controll, and they take me over like a great dane being walked by a small child.  Maybe if I keep slamming that bar my dad will come watch me lift, or just hang out with me.  I will fucken slam the bar with all the hate and frustration I have in me because that's what makes me feel better, that's what keeps me balanced, and who are you to tell me to stop?  who are you to tell me how to act and live my life?  I get crazy because it takes me out of reality, I don't need drugs to get lost, I have weightlifting, I have this gym.  I cant control my relationship with my dad, but I can control makeing international teams, wining national championships and sometime soon grabbing that American record by the throat and riping its head off.
      I don't care what any body thinks, If you don't like me slamming bars than I will slam you, if you don't like my attitude than screw you, I am tired of looking for approval.  I am tired of asking, waiting in line, putting my hand out and getting no hand to shake back.  I stopped being the sheep, being peoples background noise and view.  I walk away from there group and I will chain the doors to California strength, close the blinds and slam my bars all day and night.  I am a monster, I am not normal, I will hide away in my gym, drink my coffee in the green jungle and be happy.
      Call that glass your son, play catch with it and buy it pop and candy at the gas station.  Have fun with your new family,  I wish you didn't feel the way you do towards me, but I will be just fine.  I have my new family out hear, I have my bar.   -Champ 2012

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"I Slam Bars"!

Brand new "I Slam Bars" T shirts now for sale at   The shirt is in Navy blue, flex fit, and you have to slam bars to wear this shirt!    -champ

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green Jungle

I take a giant sip of my ice cold coffee.  Its my third cup this morning and I cant stop, every sip makes me feel better, every sip takes away the stress.  I am drunk off coffee. I sit back and close my eyes as my mind races through old memories, new memories and some thoughts of what the future looks like. coffee is my new best friend,  he understands what I am going through,  he makes me laugh,  smile and most importantly makes me feel good about myself.
      I am not in the gym right now, I am in my hide out, I am in my tree fort.  There are no weights smashing down hard against the floor, and the air is not filled with chalk.  There are many more smiles in my hide away, people are much more relaxed and friendly.  I hide in the corner like the phantom, trying to stay un noticed in this weird world where there are no weights, coaches or athletes.   I drink, I type, and I "people watch".  I find myself staring at these people who don't wear Adidas gear as if they where from another world.  Maybe I am in the other world and they look at me funny,  maybe they think I am the alien.  This green straw keeps looking at me, so I take another sip of the dark liquid that puts me back on track, and I start typing away.  What the hell am I typing for?  What the hell am I writing  about?  Maybe Its my escape from the gym, from the noise and the same old "who's stronger" talk.  I like writing, It feels good to put your thoughts and ideas on paper.  It slows everything down.  The coffee makes everything feel like I am dreaming, like everyone is living there lives and I am just watching.  Who new I would be writing on a blog and lifting weights for the USA.  Some days I just cant figure out how I ended up hear.  It seemed like yesterday I was taking lines off glass tables, and waking up on kitchen floors.  Life is crazy, the different roads it can take you down are beautiful and bazaar.  They can be dark but still fascinating.  I wouldn't change anything I did back then, I don't regret anything I did and got myself into.  There is the world of weightlifting, and there is the world of long nights and car rides to unknown places, but honestly in the end, they are very much the same.  I have touched the hot flame, I have been down the dark ally way, I have seen the devil, and I think I am a better person today because of it.  I thank God and my mom for leading me to the world of weightlifting, wow, who knows what I would be doing right now.
      All I know is that I love this green coffee jungle I am in right now.  I need more coffee, I need more training, I need to get stronger.  I love coaching. My athlete Andrew Jester took bronze at school age nationals, his very first national meet.  I couldn't go with him because of my nationals, but I am very proud of him.  I love that damn kid.  I love everyone in this sport, I love my Fiance, I love this world, I love California strength, I love big Phil, I love all the judges and coaches, even if you don't like me,  I like you.  I love the USA,  I love this coffee.         North 2012  

Sunday, July 3, 2011


That sucks your hands hurt.  O thanks for telling me that I should turn off my AC while the windows are down, let me go ahead and turn off the AC in my car, your totally right man thank you.  O no buddy you have lower back pain when you train?! You should take off three months , your right! the foam roller really helps how you feel in training, OMG I love that stretch, it really works my hamstrings.  I love doing the hang snatch because I really feel like it stretches and strengthens my hamstrings.  Your right bro I would save a lot of money if I didn't buy my smokes, I am done with that man, what was I thinking.  Please tell me what I should do man, please I need help. This life thing is hard, should I turn left or right?  Your right I need to open lighter and make more lifts, yea your right I need to eat better, yea your right I need to control my breathing in competition and focus more on the task at hand.  I am so glad you came up and started talking to me about all this, I am glad you saw the sign around my neck that says help, because I am lost! Shit, dude I am so so sorry that I offended you when I flipped off the camera in one of my you tube videos, that will never happen again, I need to become more classy.  Hey before you leave can you write down everything I should work on or do so I can practice when I get home?  thank you.   I will never joke about steroids again, please forgive me!!!!  "control your temper, stretch more, stop smoking, drive slower, stop spending so much money, you should save up, why a new car you already have one, some people have injury's Jon, so you cant train them that hard, your just young."  -sheep

     -wolf-    I will always drive with my AC on full blast with my windows down.  I will never believe in stretching, and I will always love fast food.  Don't let them change you, do what you want to do, blast your AC anytime you want!  Coach the way you feel is the best way, stop reading weightlifting articles!  stop being brain washed by the "experts"  Windows down and AC up, try it because it feels really good!  

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Red Balloon

The worst thing I ever did in this sport is snatch 160kg.  Before that day the bar and I were best friends, we were like one, that bar made me confident, strong and fearless.  The bar is so high now that I can't seem to find it.  The bar didn't invite me on its travels upward.  The bar and I were ready to go together, we both had our tickets and our bags packed just waiting for that big gust of wind to carry us into the sky full of success, but right when I looked away, the bar was already starting to float away.  I reached up and tried to grab it yelling, "wait bar, wait for me I want to go with you"!  I tried jumping as high as I could but it was just a little too far up, minute after minute, and day after day the bar started to rise higher and higher until it disappeared into the sky.  I put up flyers everywhere but no one has gotten back to me on it's whereabouts.
I feel so lost without my bar, I am not myself anymore.  I am now just an average Joe walking around lost and confused.  I walk and I walk through the dark hills that constantly whisper negative comments about me.  The deeper I get lost looking for my bar the more I hear words of hate, and the more backs I see. I see red faces of haters that start to laugh and smile, the better they sleep and the worse I sleep, the more I get lost, the happier people get.  They say, "Finally no more annoying yelling, stupid shout outs, bar slamming and over the top, cocky, arrogant blog postings". Finally he is no longer number one, finally he is lost and he will never find his bar again".  Even though I might be stripped of my confidence and my strength is down, I am still that crazy jumping Jonathan North that came out of nowhere with Coach Jackie Mah.  She unleashed me and said "sick em boy" and even without my bar you can't take that away from me.  I told you people that I am not going anywhere, I told you that I will keep fighting no matter what, I told you I will keep slamming bars, spitting on weights and yelling loud in every battle I go into, I told you mother fuckers that I am not going anywhere.  I will continue to piss people off, gather even more haters than I have now, I will continue to win, lose, make teams, miss teams, break records, bomb out, clark weights, kiss weights, yell Arnold, love this sport, and hate this sport.
After guidance by a few close to me,  I found my bar deep in the woods behind a big wall of rocks.   I have hit many walls in this sport and in life, but after a while of fighting, after a while of trying to live up to my mentor Donny Shankle, I have broken through all of them.  But this wall is not going down, the more I push the heavier the wall feels.  I cant seem to do it on my own, I have hit a wall I can't seem to bring down.  My bar lays in the mud behind the wall still shinning bright, and I fuck'n want it, I fuck'n need it as other lifters keep getting stronger.  I am wasting time. I need to win right now.  I need to get back on top and get my fire back.
A very big man that towered over me with his black beard and sword called coach steps beside me and starts striking the wall with massive power. Right then, a legend of the woods with long hair and war tattoos steps on the other side of me striking the wall with confidence I have never seen before.  I am in shock. I just keep pushing and hitting the wall as a small smile crosses my face, and right at that moment everyone seemed to stop and move out of the way kneeling down as a king with a golden crown and a golden stick started to walk up to the wall with his beautiful queen. That man is the king and owner of all the woods.  Soon there were soldiers coming out of the woods to help.  One was a wolverine. One was a dark muscular creature who was smaller and fast.  One was an old friend with blond hair and legs that were made out of tree trucks. They all came to help.  The wall started to crack and move.  Two new creatures that just joined the woods came to help too.  Even a small Asian creature helped with the wall, while also doing many other things for the king at the same time.  The woods lumberjack showed up to help, who is known for kicking down trees and carried them off tied around his massive back, his leg power will be very useful in bringing down this wall.  I was very happy to see the colorful haired athlete of the woods who has a power that prevents her from aging, she who brings energy and motivation to us all.  The  quiet wise man with glasses who was respected and won many battles leading people to victory of the woods came and started at the wall too.  A big eyed skinny creature who is the woods watcher and greatest people reader in all of the land came to hit the wall.  Last but not least a young kid new to the woods came to help with his big new bronze medal around his neck, he is known for having the biggest heart in the woods.  Bang! bang! bang!  We all came together and smashed and hit the wall giving it everything we had, but still the rocky wall would not go down.
My gold medal seemed to be out of reach, until the most beautiful creature in all of the woods came flying down slowly with her white wings and beautiful smile.  She is the creature I am going to marry, she is the angel that I love.  She gave us all strength, as she floated over and pushed against the wall.  The wall started to move and shake and then in a blink of an eye it fell down crumbling all around the Pendlay bar.  Everyone stepped back and watched as I hook gripped my bar back into my hands.  I stood tall with my elbows locked out and the bar high over my head.  I could feel my strength pumping through my blood, my heart started to beat faster, and I began to yell as the backs faced forward, the red faces of hate ran and hid away, and the negative whispers turned into positive praises.  I kissed my angel, shook the hands of all the great friends that helped me and walked back into the gym.  I have my bar back, I will see you at Nationals bitches.  North 2012

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mental Man

Mental, Mental, Mental man.  The little mental man will climb up in your head, grab the controls and start controlling you!  The mental man will take over your emotions, confidence, way of looking at things, he will make you "Clark" weights that you could make, he will mess up your whole day.  You have to learn how to fight back and control the mental man.  If you are thinking about getting rid of the little man you are crazy,  he will never leave, he is there to stay forever!  You have to trick him, give him something else do to while you  focus and control your own mind.  I usually tell him to go on a walk, play some video games, just anything to leave me a lone.  Sometimes he will walk right into my head office and mess me up for just a few minutes, but you have to find ways to put him back in his room!  If he does not go back in his room then you might miss lifts, do bad in a competition, miss a squat or the most common of them all the "Clark"  The "Clark is where the mental man will actually break into your mind control room and unplug your lifting cord, yes I know that sneaky bastard!!!    I have tried calling the cops on him before but they wont arrest him, instead they call me crazy!  People will actually think its me "Clarking" the weight and not the mental man breaking and entering!  You can beat him though!  I have done it,  its hard but with the right amount of determination, head security guards, and big bouncers all working together,  you can come back from a "Clark" and make the lift on your next try!  Yes you can take over the controls and beat the little man with his bright yellow Hawaiian shirt and his short blue swimming trunks.  He will get all upset and stay in his room for the rest of the day, while you continue to lift bigger and bigger weight.  Mental man 2012    ..........wait........what is all this writing???? this wasn't me typing!  this must have been the mental man!!!       son of a bitch!  get back in your room!         

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Orange Room

I was woken up by the sunrise creeping through my window shades, it made my room orange, it was awesome.  The orange light that filled my room made everything look different.  Everything looked like it was in a toy story movie,  I felt like I was in a different world.  I looked over at my orange faced Fiance that was still sound asleep, she even looked computer animated. I didn't want to wake her so I got out of bed slowly and made my way to the kitchen to make some coffee.  There is something about being the only one up and awake in your house very early in the morning that is so peace full.  As if the whole world is asleep and your the only one awake.  Its like the house is alive and looking at you like "why are you up this early"?   The house was completely dark still, and then I noticed that the hall way that led to my room was completely orange.  The orange light was creeping down the hall way heading right for me.  It was slowly taking over the dark house.  I stood there in my big blue robe and my coffee in my hand just staring at the orange light moving towards me, at this point I didn't know if I was awake or dreaming.  The orange slowly hit my feet and then crept up my whole body in tell it I was a glowing orange man. 
     The cold morning air hit me right in the face the second I walked outside.  I stretched out my arms and told myself I was going to lift big weights today.  The orange light was a sign of strength, a sign that I was going to make this Olympic team in 2012.  It was a sign that I was going to keep getting stronger, way stronger.  I love this sport, this sport is home to me, it has been good to me on all levels,  I just want to take more out of it,  I want to win more,  I want to keep making more and more money,  I want to get more kids in this sport,  I love the USA. Its crazy to think where I am at today, wow, looking back a few years ago I was a lost kid in college in and out of trouble.  Only if my English teacher new that I was a paid writer, and that I had my own blog,  lol,   she would fall over.  I failed her class three times and then finally passed.  She always loved my writing, it was just the reading and grammar that killed me.  I will never forget what she told me, at the very end of my last class that I ended up passing. Ms Van Aalst said "forget 90%  of what I taught you and write the way you want to write."   That was the best advise any teacher has ever given me.   All my other teachers told me my writing was "not properly formatted, you write like you talk Jon and that's not correct."   I  always looked back at what Ms Van Aalst told me and just kept doing my thing.   Screw them, screw the know it all's, I hate only doing things one way because someone a long time ago said so, because that's just the way it is Jon.  fuck that, do things your way, do it how you want to do it.  Life is a game, life is in your hands, not theirs.  Train how you want to train, write how you want to write, coach how you want to coach, fuck them.   Fuck all them that tell you different.