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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nation of go getters

     Its time to train mother fuckers.  O yes, yes I am at the green jungle gulping down my life drink, my motivation potion, my dark big coffee that looks so damn sexy.  I am going to finish this one and then buy another, I will probably have three before practice tonight.  Practice starts at 4, and I will be ready.  I am ready to take on the whole fucken world, lets go, game time.  Everyday I wake up with a mission to win, win in weightlifting and in life.  I view life as a game, and I am playing to win.  I am a gladiator of life.  I am a hard working republican that has created something from nothing, the only help I ask is from this coffee that keeps looking at me, i swear this coffee is alive.
      I hate sleep, I just want to keep going.  I want my website to grow bigger and bigger, I want to make the Olympic team, I want to help Cal Strength take over the world, I want to be the best fucken Husband in the world, I want my mom to be happy, I want my sister to love life and be treated well, I want to keep winning, I want to give back to Donny what he has done for me, I want to make my boss and coach proud,  I want to keep pissing people off,  I want the Jon north nation to grow into an army and change this sport into something more than it is now, I want to coach everyone my way, the Superman pull way, the hit the bar with your hips way, the stop talking about hamstring way, the train heavy every day way, and the what is a light day way.  
      Do you feel the same way I do?  Do you wake up everyday and feel like attacking the world?  I bet you do if you follow this blog.  The people who read this blog are people who put things on the line, fear the comfort zones, risk, take, live life to the fullest, are happy, who try hard in everything they do, these are the people of the north nation, you are the people who will change the world and this sport.  Don't read this blog if you are not on board, get the fuck out, we are to busy winning, winning in all different aspects of life. 
    We are people who will cut you in line if you are taking to long, we have things to do so move.  I don't have time to drive in the slow lane, move.  I don't have time to complain all day so leave.  I don't play my Violin, we play our marching drums, you look at the clock and wait for the day to be over, we don't know what time is because its all one big race, fuck a clock.  You Chat we train, you think we do, you stop training we keep going, we love you hate, we attack you surrender.
      Yes yes yes!  YES THIS IS A GOOD FUCKEN BLOG!  haha I am now ready to train, Lets go, lets train!  train train train train train train, and train some more.  I will clark a thousand bars but always come back for more.  I will bomb out many more times but I will see that weight again.  Coach Pendlay is my leader so I know I will win the war even with many battles lost.  Donny Shankle motivation, Donny Shankle keeps going, and I will go with him.    Jon North Nation 2012


  1. Nice fuckin blog mother fucker!! Really though, I love the attitude...keep the blogs coming.

  2. You should read Dan John's book Never Let Go. You would love his chapter on how and why he hates moderation, medium, etc.

  3. This blog is incredible. i will read it forever.