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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Symphony Of Steel

     Crack, crisp, down, two more to go.   bang bang, now I have three green monsters in me, and now I have been bitten by the green vampire.  I left my car running in the parking lot as I walk into the middle of the street, right left right left, eyes don't blink, I don't care, big smile on my face, if a baby would see me, they would probably ask there mom what I was.  Sometimes I just feel like jumping, and  hoping, it's the blood in me that pumps to hard.  The green blood that makes my heart hurt from so much energy, drive, anger,  and fucking frustration.  The only thing I regret as I walk out to the middle of the road is how I should have downed more monsters, how I am so close from losing my mind, and how I actually want to.  It's my goal. I want to see how it feels.  Energy takes over and I feel like breaking your window to your Prius and ripping you out of it.  I feel like sitting in the space ship all day with Donny, and playing a symphony.  A symphony in space , a symphony of steel, a symphony made beholden to the power of MAN!
     I will sin in the streets and cry out for more, as cars will go around me, I will not go around them.  Hold the wheel Donny I need to go pee, watch out for the stars Donny they will burn us alive, watch out for those big rocks Donny, please don't just go through them, you are strong... but not that strong.  My pee is green and Donny didn't listen, I guess He is stronger than I thought.  I guess this fucker is the black sheep and I am still in the white, I guess I need to earn my color and become captain of this ship.  I slam 20 monsters only to realize how good I feel, my head moves back and forth like a kid steeling candy from a candy shop. Maybe I will sneak away and hide from everyone. I just found Donny, damn he beat me to it.  Donny and I have been in this hide away all morning, the hide out is filling up fast with monsters. 
     I am in space with a basketball star, an animal I love, and my best friend coffee, monster is just the drug.  Black on black space ship that seems to always be running into rocks because Donny does what he wants, and doesn't listen!
     I like the sound of the Piano, and the sound of the Violin.  My space ship is filled with monsters, green like money and green like go.  My Blog loses hits the longer I go.  My mind is lost, my thoughts are on meth, my posts get stranger because I start to get more comfortable.  As Donny once said......"lets train".    


  1. Mr. North - my sincerest hopes that you will get on Twitter soon. Love the blog.

  2. Slam that coffee! Slam that Monster! Slam that bar!