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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Program

The program, 

A note to you, TeamDO. I write these programs for you. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing you take my image, my vision, and turn it into your masterpiece.  I write programs as if I am sculpting ice, wood, or better yet......a Weightlifter.  A weightlifter with dreams, the same dreams I once had.  Success, medals, teams.....VICTORY.  Triumph over hardship, followed with pain over pleasure.  Pleasurable pain is what I call this Team, TeamDO, the dark is you, with you, and lives inside you.  There is no such thing as dark, dark is without light, but why is it in the dark I feel the sun on my face and the breeze on my hands.  The past is a funny thing, close but far, love and pain, motivation filled with reluctant doubt mixed with mind numbing conversations between your skeleton and you, I, us.  Your skeletons might be dark, locked away and hidden, but I promise you, walking into that closet and listening to the Orchestras they play, white fingertips filled with salty eyes, bones full of hollow, and strings that cry.....listen to them play, bad or good, and I promise you......IT WILL BE THE BEST PROGRAM EVER WRITTEN. Salute. #TeamDO #Thedarkorchestra