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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Donald Duck

     My role model has left me for a few months, I guess this bird needs to step outside the nest and try things out on my own.  hmmm, lets see, this is my gym now............, I might just sit here and figure out how I ended up here, hmmm maybe I will lift some weights on my own, Donny is now gone, now I can take normal people jumps, now I can listen to my music without the Shankle giving me that look  like I didn't eat all my vegetables.  Now I can make my own rules, I am Donny Shankle.  My music, my jumps, my time, my gym, my turn to lift, my intensity, my time to tell people to stop talking, my turn to be king.  I like this, no one  in the gym yet, just me poking around my new nest, a nest of two years, but now it looks so different.  My nest, not yours.
     Good bye Donny....hello Jon North, wow this thrown feels comfy, so this is what it feels like.  wow this crown is heavy, how did he wear this everyday for so long?  This long red robe drags me down when I walk, I see, that's how he got so strong.  I am a little bird that is trying to walk with really big cloths on, this will  take a while.  Just stepped on some chalk, let me shake off my feet.  Damn this Robe is getting dirty, I wonder what kind of soap he used.  My four arms now have duck gladiators with swords and shields on them.  My pants are higher than usual, and my voice just became much quakier. What is happening to me?  These other ducks seem to be a little nervous around me, and I really just want to talk and play.  I just looked back and realized how far away I am from my nest, I am deep into Cal Strength now, very deep, there is no turning back now, I must keep going on.  Donny did it, I can.  I have big webbed feet to fill, I have to keep walking to try to fill em.  
     I hop onto a big platform and start lifting, wow, I feel extra strong right now....even my jerk looks good, huh.....I didn't no I was a hip cleaner....?  Once a baby duck, now a Donny duck, now I am the king of this familiar world, this crown is fitting better and better everyday.  The big Gold thrown will be waiting for you Donny, but while you are gone, I will go ahead and keep it warm for you.   King Duck 2012


  1. Always remember:


  2. Vive le Roi! I hope training's going well for you man. It's been too long since your last post..I always look forward to reading whatever crazy shit is on your mind each day.

  3. Scream North 2012.. where are you man???