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Monday, October 3, 2011

"Green Hamster"

Attitude Nation Salute!  haha I just cracked an Ice cold green monster, and I am so very happy.   That first chug burns the throat in a way that makes you smile.  I am listening to my new favorite song by Foster the people, titled pumped up kicks.  You have to listen to this song to get the full effect.  Actually every blog I write has to do a lot with what song I am listening to, so from now on,  I will post the song to each blog.
  Lets see I feel like a green hamster, a green hamster that travels the world lifting weights and spreading my super man pull, my ideas, what Shankle has passed down to me, love, energy, and what I did to get to the top.  I always have to go around the building to smoke my sticks, the get away sticks, the leave me a lone for a few minutes sticks.  Ireland one week, Arizona the next, cold hotel rooms, dive bars, new friends, crossfiters to sprinters, hello people the green hamster just checked in, and I am ready to slam some bars.  USA weightlifting hates me, but I smile and keep dancing, keep making money, keep succeeding while my middle finger is in the air.  I wont stay in line, I wont become a sheep, you cant brain wash me.  The Olympic training center.... never, they should be lucky to train at Cal Strength, I wouldn't go there if they paid me.  The attitude nation is USA weightlifting, not the old grumps that never smile, those are the red hamsters.
   I want to apologize for being gone for a while, I have been traveling and training like a bat out of hell.  They gave me a bat map, and I have been destroying what coach has for me.  Anything he says I do, I am getting freaky strong.  I married a puff, and I am a snuggle, I love that who puff like crazy.
     Bar back not up, do that, you will lift more weight.   Bar separation is important, and bending your arms while lifting just makes you more of a bad ass.   ok ok I am sorry, enough with the boring technique talk!!!  wait one more thing, Stop pulling your shoulders back so early!   stop pulling with your arms!  I cant stand how people like this guy named Mark Rippetoe guy teaches the lifts.  no one lifts like that, who is this guy?  He is talking shit about me.  I wish I could put my national medal in his cereal bowl just so he can taste it.  Starting strength, ha!    That book and that program is a joke, that book is by itself destroying peoples dreams of being a weightlifter and just weight training in general to become stronger.  I call that book how not to work hard.
      I don't know how I got onto that, I think the song changed to something a little more dark.  Green Hamster needs to keep training hard.......PAN AM GAMES three weeks out.     Champ 2011 


  1. Good stuff, Jon -- I gotta admit I did the Starting Strength stuff for a while and thought it was great at the time, but after training with you I realize I was wasting my time before - never made as quick strength gains as I did this summer! Kick some ass at Pan Am!

  2. Why not train in the weightlifting center? Do you have to train by there rules?