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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I cast my line into the fast moving stream of water, where I have been catching fish sense early this morning.  Its cloudy and cold outside, far from Christmas time but it smells like Christmas, it has the Christmas feel to it. Cold air, fog still lingering around the wet grass that has now turned into mud, from standing in the same place for so long.  Gusts of wind that hit your face, taking away your breath for just a split second, then calm, with only the sound of the white water moving like a herd of  horses.   I have been catching fish at this same place for years now, with no sign of people besides my lovely wife, who is  back at our cabin cooking breakfast......don't worry sweetie I will do the dishes!   No people, no talk, just fishing and sleeping.  Did I mention how Much I love Christmas time, the only thing I miss is Christmas music.  I will never go back to society, I love fishing way to much.  Nobody can tell me how to fish out here, what bate to use, or  how to catch the most fish.  Me doing what works for me, me living my life the way I want to. That sounds nice.  I work hard in what I do, even though I do it differently than other people, but I sleep well at night. 
     Over the years I like to pride myself of being a good fisherman, and I did it with know knowledge besides my own experience.  I am self taught, and if I have any questions about fishing,  well.... I ask myself, not the bears.  See the bears all follow a hand book that explains how to catch fish, witch is fine, but the only thing I don't like about the hand book is how the hand book tries to catch me, and trap me in the herd. 
     Be selfish, it will work for you and others.  It will give others that read the hand book ways out, new ideas, they can believe in themselves rather than others who tell them "no".  I, the attitude nation believes in you, you can do it, and you can do it your way, not there's.  There is a whole world out there waiting for your new ideas, your success, your motivation, so put down the hand book and create your own.  Take your arm and put it on the edge of the table, then slide everything off of it.  I fish my way, did I ask for your opinion?  No more chatter, just fishing, just living my life, keeping my eyes wide open, looking behind each bush, behind each door.  You will be interested in what you would find.  Don't listen to me, I am the guy you need to tell to shut up, tell me to get lost.
     When I drink coffee I see things, I am seeing things right now, different colors and white lines.  When I was a kid I use the think I could see air, but everyone told me that it was impossible.  It turned out that it was because I needed glasses, and it was my very poor eye sight that caused it.  When I drink coffee I can see the air again, so maybe I CAN see air.  When I look at you I am drunk off coffee,  your head is a blur, your words are shaky,  I like to just smile and laugh, while I walk forward.  I see things in a different light, and the reason is because I had to.  I am not book smart, I have no degrees, no certs, no real work experience, so I needed a plan, I needed a way to fish that was going to get me ahead of the rest with what I had, a way that was going to get me a lot of fish.  I couldn't read the hand book, because I didn't understand the hand book.  So now you have me, this guy who came form nothing, took the broken path, catches fish standing on his head with his pole back words.  Anytime life gets hard I think of Christmas and how much I love the smells, the tree, the lights, all the family and the music.  Anytime someone tells me how to fish I just smile.  North 2012   

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