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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 1

song - John Williams A.I. OST Monica's theme

     Wake up my friend,  because today is day 1.    Today is the day where you get to start over, start fresh, or just add on to something you have been doing for some time now.  But today is different, today you are done trying, you are done experimenting, done thinking, done asking, done reading, done watching, done learning,  now its time for doing.  There is something in the air this morning, the smell is different, the hard wood floor underneath your feet when you get out of bed feels different, your shower is hotter and your shave glides like snow dogs pulling there sled.  Your coffee tastes better and stronger, the sun hits your face through the slightly opened window that feels amazing from the warmth and the cold air hitting you at the same time.  Today is a different day, a brand new day, a Christmas morning day.
    This morning I will create my own path to walk down, and what I do when I walk down this path is what I have aways wanted to do.  But see I ran into many monsters on my old path, did things that I wish I never did, acted certain ways that I lose sleep over, and hurt many people that I wish I never hurt.  I have no excuses, even though I foolishly blame a few things like the flowers I chose to eat and my bad choice of water I chose to drink, but at the end of the day its just me walking down a lonely dark path.  Day 1 is different, the path is bright and I will not make the same mistakes I made on my old path.  I will become a better person, I will train harder than ever, I will double my shot of love and appreciate this short life much more. 
    I drive to work and all you see is a flash of light, I drink my coffee and I grow fifteen feet taller, for the first time in a while I want to lift weights.  I coach tell I pass out,  I don't open doors I kick them down, and I love all the people who hate me.  The attitude nation is day 1 everyday, we will not let the dark corners of life capture us and bring us down.
     Weightlifting is so mental, that it can effect your whole career if you have a bad outlook on the sport or in life in general.  I have missed many lifts from a sad, weak, or scared mind.  That will never go away all together, but the less these thoughts and emotions happen, the better you will train.  Train hard today and you will feel good tomorrow, and when you feel good tomorrow, you will then want to train hard the next day.  The better you train, the better you feel, the better you will sleep, the better you will eat, the better  your life will be.  This is why weightlifting to me is not just a sport but a way of life, my air, my gas and the only thing that keeps me going.  Without it I would be in a mental institution knocking my head against the wall over and over again.  I would be un happy, I would be weak minded. Weightlifting keeps you real, gives you feedback on who you are as a person, and always hits you in the face when needed.  If you can bust through the walls of weightlifting, fight the pain and let downs, and keep training everyday no matter how you feel, than you can do anything in life, you are a gladiator.   See the reason I am writing this blog this morning is because I am very down right now, I do not have any confidence or motivation at this time becasue I haven't lifted weights in the last few days.  I just got back from the Grand Pri where I did horrible, even the coffee is having a hard time picking me up.  So I write, I write to the attitude nation and I feel better.   People who get me, where others look at me like an alien.  Thank you for giving me a chance, and eccepting me for me.
       I train today at two so I am very very excited to get my fix, get that "pump", that emotion, that straight shot of life, then I will be back to normal.  See what most people don't know about me is I get very down, from being so high.  There is know middle ground for me, one extreme or the next, just like my coffee, training, drinking, and etc... Something I have been struggling with and working on my whole life.  Weightlifting will some day cure this, I am sure of it.  
     Today is day 1.  Today is the first training session for the Americans.  Today is the first day where the attitude nation marches faster and harder, day 1....lets train.             


  1. "We've only just begun to live,
    White lace and promises,
    A kiss for luck and we're on our way,
    We've only begun.

    Before the risin' sun, we fly.
    So many roads to choose.
    We'll start out walkin' and learn to run,
    And yes, we've just begun.

    Sharing horizons that are new to us.
    Watching the signs along the way.
    Talkin' it over, just the two of us.
    Workin' together day to day, together, together..."

    A weightlifting and wedding song from The Carpenters/Paul Williams.

  2. Good writing Jon. The Attitude Nation presses onward!

  3. Great post man, I understand how you feel as a fellow lifter. Thanks for the words of inspiration.