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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Donny and Jon Mess Around

This blog is going to suck, because this blog has writers block, and this blog has nothing interesting to say.  No motivation, nothing funny, nothing about weightlifting, nothing sad and deep, just....well.....this. (Jon)

I think you are on to something. My mind is all over the place. I mean at one moment I am thinking of the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, while the next moment I am trying to figure out the actual price of tea in China. I mean what the hell is going on here.(Donny)

We have been sitting in this room trying to find the right music to inspire an inspiring post, but after about twenty songs from different movies that Donny told me to listen to, the screen remands still white with no writing.  I am about two monsters down, and Donny is slamming his red bull, I only think he is drinking red bull to rebel from what I drink...asshole.  I find what Donny said at the top fucken hilarious, what the hell is he talking about!  I don't know why I just wrote that question,  because I can just look over at him right now and ask him...hold on.... he told me "what do you want me to say".  (Jon)

I mean did you just see that cat. I swear I saw a cat. I watched this movie Event Horizon last night and I didn't know what the hell was going. This shit was like a combination between Star Wars and Nightmare On Elm Street. (Donny)

On my third monster and I have no idea what to write about, all I know is I have been in this gym all day and I need a shower very badly.  These energy drinks can make you feel very good, but also give you a bad headache.  I saw the movie soul surfer the other night, great movie, great for the family, and I cant believe that is a true story.  Michael Savage had a great show yesterday like always. I listened to an hour of it in the carls junior parking lot while eating my double bacon western cheese burger with fries, a sprite and one dollar beef taco. (Jon)

I wonder if you stand on your head and eat pop-sickles to fast will you get the cold feeling on your ass. Maybe not but maybe so (Donny)

I have nothing to say (Jon)

lol...Dammit how come my guidance counselor never told me I could make money having sex with porn stars..Somebody find me a great white shark to punch in the face (Donny)

Good point are a genius.  Why do older people on college campuses always have rolly back packs and not normal bags that go around your shoulders?  Burger King is the worst fast food restaurant.  I wonder who would win in a fight, chuck Norris or Glenn Pendlay?  This is the worst blog I have ever wrote....but could be the best at the same time. (Jon)

Jon keeps asking me what to say and I have no idea. I am just letting shit float up and puttin them out there. I want you all to know there is no reefer going around this table. I get drug tested a hell of a lot.  (Donny)

I am not in the mood. I want to wright something funny so people will laugh and I am a part of the fun. (Jon)

Step back paddly wack put me in the zone. YA baby that shit floated (Donny)

One sec (Jon)

lol...You notice how these phrases keep getting shorter. About as short as Obama's term in office. (Donny)

Hounddogs, boondocks, and flapjacks. Sorry Jon I just had to throw that in there. OK GO! (Donny)

Give me the key board Donny I have something to say..........never mind here is Donny again. (Jon)

We need to zero in on something here. You know what I hate SILK. You know that milk made from soy. That ain't milk and it aint no milk byproduct or nuttin of the sort. All milk comes from tits... Them damn hellions...somebody pass a pickle (Donny)

This will never be posted(Jon)


  1. This was awesome! You guys should do a podcast!

  2. Lol! The Laurel and Hardy of Weightlifting.