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Friday, August 26, 2011

6 for 6

They say first pull second pull, I say superman pull.  They say pull up, I say push back.  They say extend, I say Tyson hips.  They say brush the bar, I say hit the bar. They say move your feet, I say Ali feet.  You say 6 for 6, I say you went too light.  People say "Clark"  I say it's going heavy everyday.  It's not bombing out, it's being a weightlifter.  Its not over training, It's called being a pussy.  It's not called percentages, It's called comfort zones.  They are not called straps, they are called we train more often than you do.  You pull, we snatch.  You drop snatch, we drop under the snatch.  You stretch, I drink coffee.  protein, you mean more coffee.  They call it a national tittle, I call it more money.  fast means Caleb Ward, coach means Pendlay, hard core is not cross fit, it's Donny Shankle.  Screw three whites, I just want two.  Don't just make it, smoke it, easy is cheesecake.  Don't miss in it front, walk it out.  They have Masters Degrees, I have a USA Degree.  Light day...WHATS A LIGHT DAY!  Train through meet....I call it Pr total.  They say make lifts, I say win.  Champ 2012   


  1. By far my favorite post, Jon!!!

  2. I really need to know what a superman pull is! great blog.

  3. Claes, superman pulls -

    Jon, Al Davis said it best, "Just win baby!" Kick some ass this weekend!

  4. Im also want to know why you dont shrug up jon.