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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello friend

     Back in the jungle drunk off coffee.  Yes I trained today, just like everyday, twice a day and very hard everyday.  Yes I did my squats and I cleaned up the gym, eat all my food, did my laps in the pool, talked to coach about game plans, kissed my Fiance during lunch time, took my dog on a walk, did some coaching, but now its my time, its time to sneak away to the green jungle.  So hear I am writing to you again about God knows what.  No one in this place knows me, and its great.  I am just an average Joe in hear, free to drink coffee, watch weightlifting videos, chat to old friends from college, and write to you.  How was your day?   How did your training go?  Any Pr's?  I swear you are my best friend, so thanks for hanging out with me. 
     Lets see hear yes I am excited for the Pan Am Games in Mexico, but I have to say I am more excited to watch a movie tonight with my fiance.  Besides hanging out with you and drinking coffee, my favorite thing in the whole wide world is watching a movie on the floor with my fiance and my daughter with four legs.  I saw the best movie I have seen in a long time the other night, you should go rent it tonight!  Its called KILL THE IRISHMAN.  Its based on a true story witch makes it way better.  Its about the legendary Danny Green, the man that took on the mafia, gangs, police and everything that basically messed with him or got in his way.  I don't want to say much more about it, you just need to trust me and watch it.  I hate action movies, sorry I don't know why, and that's why I like this movie, it's a drama with some punch in it.  If you like the Goodfellas, or casino you will love this movie.
       I really do believe that the hot tub is the best thing you can do for recovery.  Before and after, it wakes me up, loosens me up and gets me going.  I have heard all these different run downs about how the hot tub can make you tired....non sense, get out of town with that craziness.
      I will probably start to lose viewers on my blog left and right because most of them are weightlifters and they want to hear the secrete, programing, training story's, technique talk, I am sorry but that would put me asleep, but for the people who like to hear me go on about random life stuff, crazy stories that always seem to come to me, then thank you for staying my friend.
      Didn't get a lot of good feedback form my last blog...hmmm that's weird to me, I thought it was good.  but o well, I will just keep writing away because its my new favorite thing to do.  I would love to start training with other people, I think that's key to training.  I love the people who I train with, not people but my team mates, but I love to mix it up more, anybody want to come train with me?  You can stay at my place it will be fun.  We can hot tub at night, play some poker after dinner, and train all damn day.  I think I am going to become a mute, and only write from hear on out.  No more yelling, and shit talking at meets or in training, just some crazy guy in the corner who is throwing up big weight, then I will get on hear and go crazy.  I think that would be impossible though.  Its funny when people think that what I do in training or in meets is some sort of act, like I am putting on a show.  I find that funny, trust me that's just my crazy self, that's just my emotions getting the better of me, but I really do think that you guys get me, because I know that a lot of people don't.
      My favorite movie is the Truman show, what is yours?  second is AI, third is beautiful mind, fourth is gladiator, fifth is man on fire, six is catch me if you can, seventh is book of eli.
      Does anybody hear drive a Preus?  I am sorry but wtf is that?  I saw how much they are and I almost fell over, why would you spend money on that weirdly shaped car?  O I forgot to save the world and the polo bears, well I guess someone needs to. 
     My roll model is Michael Savage, sorry if you now hate  for those who like him as well than lets have a toast.  When the day gets hard I will slip into my car and crank him up, I guess when he gets his frustrations out I get my out at the same time without saying anything, its perfect.  Now that I listen to Savage everyday, even rush is to soft for me now, ts crazy!  I use to love Hannity, well I still do but that's middle school stuff compared to the Savage nation.  lol I don't know where I am going with this, I guess I am brain washed. 
     Is fast food bad for you?  Will this sport grow more popular?  Will I be able to buy a house next year?  I wonder how hard training is going to be tomorrow.  O I have Kaleb witby coming out tomorrow to train and visit!  Yes, I love this guy, very cool, nice, laid back, and great athlete.  He is staying at my place this weekend, so I can have someone to ramble to about my crazy ideas and beliefs.  Well I think the main reason he is coming out hear is for the Pendlay certification, so I guess I am second on the list.  You probably keep looking at your watch thinking to yourself how much stuff you still have to do today and how much longer is this long, drawn out post going to last, well have a good day, train hard, see you tomorrow.  north 2012


  1. Jon,

    As much as we all like lifting and want to talk about training and things like that, it's really cool to read the other things you think and write about. It shows that you've got a lot of heart and passion. Best of luck at Pan Ams.


  2. You're my boy Blue! This blog is fun because it is all you man!

  3. Favorite movies, hmmm, in no particular order, Book of Eli, 300, Shutter Island, Boondock Saints, and Inception.

    You should read Mind Gym. I'm not really all that crazy about sports psychology books, but I know a few Navy SEALs who read that one and said it really helped them, so I picked up a copy. It's definitely worth reading.

    As for the hot tub, I find switching back and forth between hot and cold really gets the blood flowing, better than just the cold tub or hot tub alone.

    You should write a post about mental toughness. Miss your first 2 clean and jerk attempts and hit the 3rd with ease. That's mental toughness. Alot of guys would've gotten psyched out and missed all 3. Way to stay focused!

  4. Hey Boss! I actually have some of his stuff on my IPOD that I had no idea about. Great stuff man! You're the best man, this past weekend was more than I expected and you're help was much needed and is much appreciated! I'll be back to bust more records in a little while. Peace!

    -And yes, I do read your blogs!