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Sunday, July 3, 2011


That sucks your hands hurt.  O thanks for telling me that I should turn off my AC while the windows are down, let me go ahead and turn off the AC in my car, your totally right man thank you.  O no buddy you have lower back pain when you train?! You should take off three months , your right! the foam roller really helps how you feel in training, OMG I love that stretch, it really works my hamstrings.  I love doing the hang snatch because I really feel like it stretches and strengthens my hamstrings.  Your right bro I would save a lot of money if I didn't buy my smokes, I am done with that man, what was I thinking.  Please tell me what I should do man, please I need help. This life thing is hard, should I turn left or right?  Your right I need to open lighter and make more lifts, yea your right I need to eat better, yea your right I need to control my breathing in competition and focus more on the task at hand.  I am so glad you came up and started talking to me about all this, I am glad you saw the sign around my neck that says help, because I am lost! Shit, dude I am so so sorry that I offended you when I flipped off the camera in one of my you tube videos, that will never happen again, I need to become more classy.  Hey before you leave can you write down everything I should work on or do so I can practice when I get home?  thank you.   I will never joke about steroids again, please forgive me!!!!  "control your temper, stretch more, stop smoking, drive slower, stop spending so much money, you should save up, why a new car you already have one, some people have injury's Jon, so you cant train them that hard, your just young."  -sheep

     -wolf-    I will always drive with my AC on full blast with my windows down.  I will never believe in stretching, and I will always love fast food.  Don't let them change you, do what you want to do, blast your AC anytime you want!  Coach the way you feel is the best way, stop reading weightlifting articles!  stop being brain washed by the "experts"  Windows down and AC up, try it because it feels really good!  


  1. ok this is so funny cause i always do that and it's fucking awesome. windows down AC, it's the best of both worlds. Keep on keeping on Jon

  2. Keep on being you Jon! Entertainment and weightlifting at its finest!

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  4. I had to go back and read this after listening to Weightlifting Talk Episode 2. Reminded me of an argument I got in with a college philosophy professor. He said that you cannot be hot and cold at the same time. My response, "You don't drive with your windows down and the AC on?" I'll be listening in for Episode 3, for the spirit of the conversation I may have to go get an iced americano triple shot.