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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


     We are an army that leans back to back as we march forward with high knees in the dark and red sky.  Can you picture an army of thousands all moving at the same time?  I can, now let me add some fog in there just to make the picture more intense, more bad ass.  Up a hill with one dead tree, that has been burned from some fire that killed the whole damn village, we march right past as we all start to spread wider and wider taking over anything that gets in our way,  you look this way I  look that way.  When I step you step, when I march you march, when I attack you attack.  If you were a frog and you saw this army stomping your way you would hop, and hop fast.  If you were a straight line Joe you would jump and run,  just like you want to do everyday in your office of blank walls. but you cant because you don't have an army to run with, you are scared, you are a Ferris wheel of boredom.  Weightlifting family we raise our glasses together, and drink our milk around the biggest camp fire in the world, completely protected from the light and dark.  We are not in either, we are the biggest army that know one has ever seen, or knows about.  As the snow falls hard we keep marching as we drag our bars behind us. Rest is for the weak, bar dragging is all we know, pushing on into the red mountains is all we will ever do. 
     Shankle catches his wolf and cuts it's throat while riding on it's back, that wolf is now dead and now we eat.  Kendrick Farris runs fast with his dreads behind him as he jumps and throws his bar 10 football fields long hitting a bear through the eyes, now we eat.  Pat Mendez comes out of his cave reaching 55 feet tall with a fist bigger than the Madison square garden,  pounding the ground creating a crack that swallows a dinosaur whole, now we celebrate.  A quiet and calm veteran named Chad Vaughn that is the deadliest of them all, pulls back his bow and arrow as he lets 1,000 arrows go at one time, flying down and striking every enemy that is even thinking about attacking this cult, family, army, gang, mafia.  We walk tall when we march, we march because we don't have time to stop, we don't want to stop.  When it gets dark coach Pendlay leads the pack as he blows out fire from his mouth,  lighting up the darkness.  He does this is in a way that looks like he is about to explode or "finish" in the snatch, butt back and shoulders over with some very bent arms like a hip cleaner.  Big Phil turns his arms into machine guns and shoots anyone or thing in our way, and I will add a cigar, overalls and a mike Tyson face tattoo in there as well. 
     USA weightlifting, garage lifters, hot shots and small jocks, big gyms or your gym, board shorts or Adidas, slam bars or follow bars, lets keep attacking side by side, lets keep marching, lets keep lifting.
Champ 2012

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