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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hot Tub

I felt the need to repost this older blog from all the questions I have been getting lately about hot vs cold baths for max recovery.  Plus the new Attitude Nation video is below that my lovely and talented wife put together.  She has been working on the jerk like crazy........well shit, we all seem to be trying to tackle that damn Jerk.  The Jerk is a Jerk, and you will see the battle below.  Hope you enjoy it.  Salute and talk to you soon. 

I say "no" to cold baths. I say "yes" to hot baths. Hot water is the key for not getting injured, being able to train to max every day, and a world of relaxation that every weightlifter needs. I have no science behind me, just my own experience that has proven me right every time. I have taken three ice baths in my career, and it will stay at three for the rest of my life. There are five things wrong with an ice bath.

1) Its damn cold
2) Makes me feel like the tin man going into training
3) Did I mention that it’s freaking freezing!
4) The week I started taking the ice baths I felt injury around the corner
5) Felt down, tired, no energy – hard to move like Ali

Five reasons why to take a hot bath over a cold bath.

1) Its hot
2) It feels amazing
3) It will keep you loose as a goose for big PR's
4) Great conversations
5) A great time to relax your body and mind from the hell of training

This is my daily hot water schedule for Americans 6 months out, to Win back my title, and the Worlds next year. 

1) Hot tub in the morning before training
2) Hot shower right after first training
3) Hot bath before second training
4) Hot tub at night in the cool air after training
5) Hot shower or bath before bed.
6) (Repeat)

I truly believe more weightlifters should use hot water for their training, it works for me, maybe it will work for you. But The Attitude Nation is all about doing what you want to do, doing what works for you, and giving the rest of the "know it all's" the bird. So feel free to give me the bird, and live your life the way you want to.  Here is the New video below.  JERK THAT DAMN JERK BABE!

Hot Water 2016


  1. I hear you on this Jon and while I can't argue against the reasons for taking cold baths because they seemt o work for others, I personally prefer a hot bath for your same reasons. I recently got my wife doing these (hell had to freeze over) and she loves them. Both of us come out relaxed, reduced kinks, and I definately feel ready to grab a bar, rings, etc. Ultimately, my body is less prone to injury. Cold has always stiffened me up and prevented from operating at my optimumn performance when I used to do doubles or compete multiple times throughout a weekend, week, whatever. My preferred approach is to get a long warmup, perform/workout, and heat after. I even had a coach tell me after a cold bath several hours prior to a sprint (over a long weekend of competetion) that that was my last cold bath. I felt slow, sluggish, and performed that way too. If it works, if it's good for you, do it. The older I get the more I do need to stretch and use some torture device to get the kinks and stiffness out of the muscles but the hot tub is the ultimate.

  2. Hey David thank you for your comment. Its great to here someone who has the same feeling about hot water that I do. You sound like you are training hard! Keep it up and attitude nation salute! ps what sport do you play? sounds like crossfit or weightlifting. Happy new year and God bless

  3. Crossfit and I like to think I weight lift but think your wife has bigger #s on the snatch. General consensus amongst my athletic friends is that cold is for injury and chronic inflamation and heat is for muscle relaxation which is great for keeping things loose and preventing injuries.

  4. Ho ho, looks like you were right all along. And thats why I am a citizen of the attitude nation