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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Dance

I have asked 166kg to dance for three months, and she said no every time, and then I would cry. She left me in the rain for many cold nights, as I watched her beautiful body dance through the Christmas window of the cold lit up street of San Fransisco. The way she spins made me melt into a warm puddle creating love steam. She looks so happy as she twirls like a ballerina around the Christmas tree. She is in love with someone else, she is not in love with me. As she dips she bends, but always stays strong. The sound of her oscillation creates a fast jerk to my heart. I would die to get under her. I would love to make woman.

My team mates and friends were pulling for me to snatch her love, but my enemy Clark had other plans. He had a good grip on her, a very strong hook that kept their love strong. I don't know what she saw in Clark, he wasn't the man for her. I could make her much happier. I would raise her higher than him, and follow her down gently. But I have other plans for Clark, I am going to slam him down til his collars... bone breaks. Soon she will officially be mine, as we dance under three white lights on the stage of love.

After two years of courting we recently became engaged. Ringing buzzers are soon to follow. Plans to make it official will take place at nationals. The Attitude Nation will be by my side. Love 2012

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  1. I love this Jon!! I know you can do it, now bring on Nationals so you can prove it to everyone else!! Keep up the hard work and it will always pay off!