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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mental Man

Mental, Mental, Mental man.  The little mental man will climb up in your head, grab the controls and start controlling you!  The mental man will take over your emotions, confidence, way of looking at things, he will make you "Clark" weights that you could make, he will mess up your whole day.  You have to learn how to fight back and control the mental man.  If you are thinking about getting rid of the little man you are crazy,  he will never leave, he is there to stay forever!  You have to trick him, give him something else do to while you  focus and control your own mind.  I usually tell him to go on a walk, play some video games, just anything to leave me a lone.  Sometimes he will walk right into my head office and mess me up for just a few minutes, but you have to find ways to put him back in his room!  If he does not go back in his room then you might miss lifts, do bad in a competition, miss a squat or the most common of them all the "Clark"  The "Clark is where the mental man will actually break into your mind control room and unplug your lifting cord, yes I know that sneaky bastard!!!    I have tried calling the cops on him before but they wont arrest him, instead they call me crazy!  People will actually think its me "Clarking" the weight and not the mental man breaking and entering!  You can beat him though!  I have done it,  its hard but with the right amount of determination, head security guards, and big bouncers all working together,  you can come back from a "Clark" and make the lift on your next try!  Yes you can take over the controls and beat the little man with his bright yellow Hawaiian shirt and his short blue swimming trunks.  He will get all upset and stay in his room for the rest of the day, while you continue to lift bigger and bigger weight.  Mental man 2012    ..........wait........what is all this writing???? this wasn't me typing!  this must have been the mental man!!!       son of a bitch!  get back in your room!         

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