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Monday, May 2, 2011

Apple lady

Today is Monday that means today is war day!  hahaha This is the day
when more 94kg lifters run!  Right now I am drinking chocolate milk,
listening to Jonny cash cocaine blues, writing on my blog,
watching some Jon North videos and other secretes that I just cant let
out of the bag people.  Lets see what else is new with me, o I watched a
great movie last night called the road.  wow what a sad movie, for some
reason I did not cry though….which is weird because I cry in a lot of
movies, but this one I did not.  I thought the ending was bad, but I
still really enjoyed the movie, I thought it was very well made.  I
watched it with my Fiancee  and she got scared a few times.  If you
have not seen this movie you should go rent it, or read the book.  The
word on the street is that there is some cross fit slash weightlifter
coming to train with me at 5:00 from redding, well this should be fun!
this should be interesting, why do you ask?  well I will tell you why
because if I had a dollar for every kid or guy that came to my gym to
train like a pro weightlifter and then left and never came back after
the first day, then I would be a rich man.  or if they do come back it’s
always the same old story….”  man my knees hurt, man my back hurts, man I
am sore, wow I think I need a few weeks off, yea I don't know if I want
to compete, yea I don't know, maybe well…  ummmm, ill try…”    get the
fuck out of my gym then! I am so sick off that, it gives me a headache
just thinking about it.  If you want general fitness then go down to
your local shine shop 24 hour fitness.  They have fluffy white towels,
music, cold water fountains, mirrors, little blue birds that land on
your shoulder while you get your pump on, apple ladies that walk around
half naked and give out apples when you get a little hungry.  Maybe its
the hose water in the back and a big coach penlday yelling at you that
might scare them away!  lol no apple ladies hear, just coach
Pendlay!!!!    coach Pendlay for president! 2012


  1. Just wait bro, I'll be down there when the time comes and if it works out I won't leave.

  2. haha i just emailed donny about coming down for a session in a few weeks. don't worry jon I won't bitch about anything and I'll keep coming back for more. North 2012!

  3. Get your ass out here and train with me Kaleb!!