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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

muddy boot

Wow… This coffee is Hitting me hard this morning, wow i feel overly confident, I feel like pissing more people off.  I am thinking to myself how I will destroy this sport of
weightlifting. Ok, call me arrogant, call me cocky, I don’t really care, I am
just tired of waiting for the trials, the worlds in Paris, the Pan Am Games
  this year is Mexico.  I just want to do it, I want to lift, I want to take first place and
throw the weight in the crowd.  Why?  I don’t know why.  Why do
I have such a big chip on my shoulder?  Why do I get so pissed when I
lift?  Maybe it’s because I want to win so bad,  Maybe it’s because I haven’t done shit with my life besides lift big
weights.  But wait…This weight I am lifting ain't even big weight, but
coach Pendlay will get me there.  He will get me to bigger weight. If you
don’t think that then...... well I should chill, hahaha! This is it people, this is
me, weightlifting is me, I have a one track mind and that's killing and destroying, I will not ask I will take and I will not share.  In this sport you have to be greedy,  don't ask grab and steel and stand your ground.  put your muddy boot on there face and push down everyday and never let up, push there face in the mud, and I hope its raining.  fight, fight, fight, fight, fight and when your done knock that mother fucker out.   Weightlifting has given me a purpose in life, weightlifting has given
me a life, I am forever grateful to weightlifting.  I am forever grateful
to Dave Spitz and coach Glenn Pendlay.  Dave Spitz took a chance with me
and he gave me a hand when I was down.  Dave Spitz is the reason why I am
here right now and not in jail or dead.  Yeah yeah ok I came from a bad
place and I was a bad boy, ok I got kicked out of my last team from knocking a dude out in the gym, but not anymore.  Now I am focused.  I am a Cal Strength soldier
and nothing will ever change that.  I use this hate that I have toward certain
things to keep me going.  I don’t get injured, I don’t have time for that.
I have too many things to do in this sport.  Hurt!  Hahaha that’s
funny. Never.  If I see someone stretching or using a foam roller I will take my belt and slap them.  stop being a bitch. grab the bar and go, stop with all the "getting ready" shit and lift.   Coach Pendlay and Dave Spitz are creating a monster,
and this monster is about to make a statement. Pan Ams, NUMBER ONE, PWA
records, Arnold Champ, all in less than three years ain't shit to me, If I don’t make the
Olympics then what’s the point?…. I love when people talk shit about
me.  They get mad when I spike the weight, when I yell, when I spit on the
weight.  The more they talk, the more I will spit and spike.  I
listen to four people in this whole world: David Spitz, Coach Pendlay, my brilliant farther, and my
lovely Mom.  That’s it. If your not them, then don’t tell me shit.
This is just the beginning . I am not going anywhere, sorry.  I always
hear people telling me about these young kids in my weight class coming after
me and lifting good weight.  Never, never, ever.  I have this crazy
rush over me all the time I can’t control, I am dead serious.  These young
kids will never beat me.  Young… What’s young?????  I am 24 and I
feel like I am 15.  I don’t just feel like I am in the Mafia. I am in the
Mafia.  You think I am joking, I am not.  When I say I am California
Strength soldier, I mean it!  lol hahahha.  Jon North 2012


  1. ur the new Ron Artest of weight lifting.