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Sunday, May 1, 2011


This remarkable man has served this Country in so many ways, from protecting our country
as a Marine, beating the Russian silver medalist Dmitry Klokov in 2006 at the
Arnold,  Representing America in his SECOND world championship!
Medaling twice at the Pan Am games!  Three time national champion, and 2012
Olympic hopeful!  That’s only a little bit of this guy’s outstanding,
insane and remarkable record and accomplishments.  I am proud to call
Donny my team mate and my friend.  It’s an honor to be on the front line
everyday training in the trenches with this wolf, this Sheppard, this damn machine
that just does not stop! Get in his way and you will be eaten, chewed up and
spit out because this dude knows what he wants, and he will let no body get
in the way.  Donny has a presents that
makes you want to get to know him,  hang
around him and become friends right off the bat, but once he puts those shoes
on he has a presents that makes you piss in your pants and your legs tremble
with fear!  The motivation and the determination is greater than anything
I have ever seen, His record tells you that.  This guy will fight with the
bar Intel that bar loses, Intel he wins.  He will fight with YOU Intel you
lose and he wins.  Donny Shankle is the best, and I am proud to say that I
train with he best, I get to see the best train every day, I get to lift on the
same platform with the best every day, I get to talk and hear what the best has
to say every day, and trust me I listen with both ears, and I don’t forget one
thing this man says.  I have learned so much from Donny.  I have
learned what it takes to be a champion in this sport, and how to become a man
by watching and listening.  Learning from
Donny Shankle is better than any book or certification that anybody can get.
I only hope one day I can achieve what Donny has achieved and more.   Shankle 2012!


  1. A great tribute to Donny. Donny is good people. I am sure he enjoys training with you as much as you enjoy training with him. Intensity loves intensity.


  2. Thank you Jon that was very nice. You and I everyday, all the way. No other person I would rather share a platform with.

  3. when I met Jon he spoke so highly of Donny it was really clear that Donny is an inspiration in life as well as on the platform to him. Its funny, Jon spoke with such passion, and humor, that I too found myself getting incredibly motivated by the stories, so even though I haven't met the man, and only have the half-drunken stories of John to go on (along with all the interviews, etc online), I find myself drawing inspiration and motivation from Donny when I am lifting. Perhaps Shankle Blood is a global thing? LOL.