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Friday, February 17, 2012

Weightlifter Rich

Some call it Hood Rich, I call it Weightlifter Rich.  Here are the top ten reasons that make you Weightlifter Rich.
1.  Everything is in your Parents name. 

2.  Zero dollars in your bank account - Four Thousand dollars rolled in a rubber band under the spare tire of your trunk. 
3.  Car payment is more than house payment. 
4.  New black on black Audi with the gas light on 24-7.  When you do get gas you only put in ten bucks at a time. 
5.  You live in the nicest apartment in your city with no furniture.  Only a blow up matteress in the bedroom and the PlayStation in the living room. 
6.  The only plastic in your wallet are Starbuck cards. 
7.  Late on rent because you just bought the newest weightlifting shoe. 
8.  Your sponsor put you up at the Super 8 Motel for Nationals. 
9.  You go to a five star restaurant and ask for the Dollar menu. 
10.  Reebok sponsors CrossFit.......LA Gear sponsors Weightlifting. 
 Training never sleeps 2012

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