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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hit and Catch Drill Part II


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  2. One question Jon. What part of your body is making contact with ther bar? Is it the pubic bone or what? Cause my pubic bone hates me right now after the last 2 snatch session I've had. Am I way off here?

    Arni from Iceland.

  3. Hey Arni thats a good question. You should be hiting above the bone right where your belt would go. But no matter what its going to hurt for the first few months, but I promise it will go away after a while. It just becomes numb after a while. lol . here are a few things that could help you hit higher and or not hurt as much.

    A. take your grip out a little bit.
    b. stay over the bar longer on the pull!
    c. push the bar harder into your hips with your arms. for some reason the harder you bring the bar into you the less it hurts, if you are throwing your hips into the bar than that kills. maybe it has something to do with the osolation of the force from you slamming into your hips more that dosnt hurt as much.
    d. just keep at it and take hot baths.

    hope this helps my friend, thanks for the question! attitude salute!!!

    Jon North

    1. Hi Jon, when you mentioned hiting above the bone right where your belt would go, were you actually referring to the area where my belt buckle would be, as in to hit it "ON" the area itself? or..did you mean the area above the belt buckle.


  4. Thank you for the reply Jon! I'll keep working on it, I think I'm throwing my hips into the bar like you suggested.


  5. Thanks for this Jon. I've been pulling the bar off the floor with my shoulders WAAAAY ahead of the bar. It seems as if, going by this drill and video on Coach Pendlay's blog, that I'd be better starting with my shoulder over the bar and then moving the bar back as I lift. Rather than start with the bar back. That should help me get my knees back more, right?

    I need to be snatching more than Jacob Tsypkin, he has recently stolen a 5kg lead in the snatch. This is unacceptable! :)

    I can't wait to see the third installment!

  6. You are a great teacher Jon! Thank you for the time you have spent doing this, it would be great to see more material like this mixed in with your coffee fueled chats once in a while!

    Rob (from Scotland)

  7. Why is it that when you do the lift from the floor, when the bar is at the knees, your shins are vertical. However, when you are demonstrating this hit and catch drill you lower the bar to the knees the shins are at an angle? Which position is the correct position to be in?

  8. I am sorry grant I am not getting your question. the shins should be the same on both, I apologize if my shins were slightly at an angle when I lowered the bar. But It really dosn't matter if your shins are slightly at an angle or not, just as long as you are making the lift. every athlete is going to be slightly different. I hope this helped answer your question.

  9. the shins will always be slightly more inclined when you start at the knee as opposed to starting on the floor because they haven't had the chance to be driven back yet.

    Great video Jon when is part three?


  10. Hello John! Nice vids.
    I have really long hands and short torso, so when i take the widest possible grip (near the bumper plates) the bar is still on the pubic bone and, as you said, it should be a bit higher where the belt is. How to correct that?