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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Road Trip

The green jungle is bright green this afternoon.  There are animals everywhere grazing in the sun.  I am under a tree that is giving me partial shade, while the rest are small spots of sun hitting me like a high School dance.  O boy she looks good today, and she tastes even better.  She is light brown from the sun, and her ice is like a turning disco ball that takes me back to my very first slow dance in middle school.  She is extra strong today from the two shots that were injected in her.  If coffee was a sport, than she would test positive for steroids.  Before I started writing I was in a great people watching zone.  It’s such a beautiful day to sit back, take kisses from your coffee, and watch all the different kind of people out walking around.  Smell is everything, the smell that is floating around puts you in a good mood.  It takes you back to playing basketball back in your hometown during the summer.  It makes you think of all the old friends you have lost over the years....I wonder how they are all doing.  A hot day but a perfect day because of the small gusts of wind that hit you every once and a’s like ranch with your pizza, it makes a world of difference. 

I want to say thank you to all of you who e mailed me about the Gold Medal Tour.  I have read and keep reading every single e mail you have wrote me.  I have written down all of your names, addresses and phone numbers.  I have received over 100 e mails so far!  And they are still coming!  I can’t wait to get this started and watch all the cool places the medal will go.  I can’t thank all of you enough, it means the world to me.
 My blog views have gone through the roof lately, wow, this nation is growing.  It’s like fight club with a weightlifting twist.  I think it’s because of the technique talk and videos I have been putting out lately.  Well here I go again; back to talking about God knows what, and more coffee talk, meaning the views will probably go back down.  I really do feel that getting away from weightlifting and training helps an athlete’s mind and body recover from the mental game that takes a toll on a weightlifter.  Stepping away and finding something to do is a great way to hit a PR the next day.  I choose writing to you, what do you guys do?  It’s funny, I don’t know one weightlifter that has a hobby, or an activity he or she likes to do when not performing the art of weightlifting.  It’s like we are all obsessed, we are chasing our own tails, we are hungry dogs that only want one thing, and this is to kill and eat.  This is what makes us champions; this is what makes us...well, us.  This is the hardest sport in the world, so we must be the hardest people in the world.  We are one of a kind, we are truly warriors. We get a high when we make a lift, and when we miss.  Missing only means one thing, and that is to make it.  Make it, miss it, make it and hopefully make it again. This is our high, this is how we gamble, and this is what we do on the weekends.  Pretty much this is really all we talk about.  This is our Las Vegas.
After this year’s Olympics I am planning a Cal Strength/Attitude tour.  I am buying a bus camper thing, whatever you call them, and I am going to travel to every state and train with you guys.  It’s still a few months away, but it’s going to happen.  I will stay in touch with you about this American tour.  It’s time to stop talking through this blog, it’s time to stop watching videos, and time to train together in person.  If you want me to stop by your gym and get a workout in or even do a seminar let me know, and I will be there.  It’s going to be called the Attitude Nation tour, and I am going to paint that on the side of the bus so everyone can see it.  Our medal will be traveling the world and I will be traveling the United Sates.  This is happening, this is real, and I am pumped out of my mind.  We together are going to take weightlifting to a whole other level; it’s going to be bigger than boxing.  We are the future.  While USA weightlifting sits on their ass and tells just a few lifters that they are God (I won’t mention any names) we will take over.  If they are not going to grow this sport then fuck em, we will.  They raise their nose to us; they could care less about you and me.  If you are not an 18 year kid who has a coach that is connected with some old guy in the weightlifting organization than you are nobody.  I will stop at that....I need to go train now before I get to worked up.  talk to you tomorrow!  Salute!  
PS:  Hey USA weightlifting what ever happened to my interview after I won Nationals last year?  Every other weight class winner got one.  What happened to my pictures and story line after the 2011 Pan Am Games?  What ever happened to my 2010 Pan Am championships videos?  I guess I was left out of that one as well.  I lift for this great Country, Cal Strength, Attitude Nation, myself, my family, my wife and my coach….NOT YOU. 

American tour 2012   coming soon


  1. If it wasn't for you, I would still be in college and playing football. Thank you, this sport is growing more and more everyday. Can't wait to see you some slam some bars at nationals. Keep doing what you're doing and piss more people off! its truly an inspiration. -Attitude Nation

  2. I fucking love this post, especially that last paragraph.

  3. Loving every second of this blog! Make it happen man, we would LOVE to have Attitude Nation at our gym!

  4. Great post. The mitten (michigan) gives you an Attitude Nation salute.

  5. You know you've got a home at CF ATL.

  6. Keep up the good work Jon! I came across your blog a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed your attitude and approach to your work ethic. Keep it up!

  7. great post, ALB, NY would love to have you on your travels. Hopefully you'll be part of the CalStrength crew at the Brooklyn seminar.