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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It’s been a hard day of training, and it feels great to be home.  Protein...check.  Meal...check.  Hot bath...check.  Writing a beautiful blog, in my quiet living room, with my dog sitting next to me....priceless.  I turned off every light in the house besides the small lamp on the corner of my desk.  I am sipping a hot cup of gorgeous brown eyed coffee.  I am listening to a peaceful song that has me so relaxed.  The pain in my legs and shoulders are slowly leaving my body as a write this sweet calm blog.  It feels so nice to not lift weights; it feels so great to chat with you again.  The song I am listening to is called a Sad Cello Melody.  It doesn’t say who the artist is on YouTube.  The older I get the more my taste in music changes.  I love the cello, the sound is heaven. 
My blogs scare my mom at times, but I tell her I love her and that its all good in the hood mom, I am happy.  I don’t know why I wrote Alice, people thought I was crazy for telling that chapter of my life.  I won’t lie, there were a few times I thought the same as I laid awake in bed.  I don’t want to hide my life journey from people; I want my life to be an open book.  That’s why I write.  I am not ashamed about Alice, if anything I would do it over.  I think it made me a better person.  I think it will make me a better parent.  My hand has touched the hot stove, I know it burns, I know how it feels, so now I will never be tempted to touch it again.  I guess that’s the way I look at it.  Who knows, maybe I helped some kid not do drugs from my writing, which would be great.
Sometimes I wish I started this sport earlier in life, I think I would be lifting much more weight.  It would have been fun to be a junior and go on all the trips and have more weightlifting experience under my belt.  But then again, I am glad that I started when I was 22 and walked in different worlds.  It’s like I was on a long tour through the jungle.  I saw the football animals, I saw the night owls, I saw the college bears, the body building gorillas and much more.  And most importantly, I met my wife throughout the whole thing; so yes, I am glad I started late.  I am glad I get to write to you about my ups and downs, my secrets, training, life stories, and my journey through life and weightlifting.  Thank you for visiting my blog; it’s really the only reason why I keep writing.  Well that and the fact it’s not weightlifting.  I don’t want to come across negative about weightlifting, I am not.  It just feels great to get away from it at times.  That’s why I don’t write about training a lot, even though I do deeply love the sport.  Do your shoulders ever hurt?  Well mine do, and right now they ache so bad.  I have to keep getting up and walk around because my legs will cramp up from sitting too long.
 Why is it that I keep opening the frig looking for food when there is nothing in there?  Do you ever do that?  It’s crazy.  I have been doing it my whole life.  I will look, see nothing, and then look again in ten minutes.  I guess I am hoping that a steak with horse radish will magically be there the more I open the frig door.  Well thanks for hanging with me, it’s late and I have to play call of duty with Jared Enderton online soon.  I won’t forget about you, if you don’t forget about me.  I will be back tomorrow to chat more about life and training.  Good night.  Cello 2012


  1. I think most of the people who read this blog understand where your coming from (not to speak for them...). everyone understands that point in the day where you have to sack up and say ok am i going to do the lifts? the plan? well we know there is already a national champion out there doing them, twice, and it hurts him too but he still does them. you dont hide that and thats why i keep reading your blog.

  2. I wish I had started weight lifting earlier in life. I am 29 now (I started at 28) and it's been a difficult learning curve. I have had a herniated disc in my L4/L5 and still suffer from a pinched nerve I gave myself in December 2011. I keep going though... there's this inner drive which takes over me and I need to keep going. My numbers are competent... I'm close to a 400lb squat and am nearly on a 500lb deadlift.

    After discovering your blog and the shenanigans at your gym I'm looking to add some Olympic lifts into my routine.

    I enjoy reading your blog; keep it up!

    Vaughan (from the UK)