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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Socially not eccepted, outcasts that reak of freak.  Our home is the gym, the world has shuned us.  We dont bench press so we cant be strong.  If we are not powerlifters than we are not weightlifters.  No curls no girls.  We are the red head step child who eats in the adich.  We are the miss understood.  The suits and ties give me change as a wait for my coffee with my ripped up cloths and chalky hands.  Teachers say "he could have really been something....only if he applied himself".  Too bad he became a gym rat.  Too bad he didnt follow in his fathers foot steps.  No why do you do this sport?   You should go back to school, you should figure out your life plan.  What are you going to do after weight....power training..? 

The NFL guys watch us like we are a half time show. They smile, shrug there shoulders, give a little clap and then go back to there grown up table.  They lift weights, they run on the track, they play football.  The weightlifter stays in one place as the bar grins with complete power.

We are freaks with tree trunk legs, over sized asses, pot belly's, long sharp traps like a rino with his horn, used for protection and survial from joe next door.  You dont understand us, good... then leave us alone. We dont understand you eaither.  Throw your rocks, thats fine, we are strong, we can take it.  Trust me joe, if you can be a weightlifter you can be anything.  Consist missed lifts and bomb outs is only the start of what I weightlifter can endur.  Trust me joe, your rocks dont hurt.  Hey Joe, dont move, I am just going to pick up this really big rock and drop it straight on your head.  Actually no I am not, I will take the high road, I am in battle everyday, I dont have the energy to battle with you.  Go back to your desk job as I bleed 5 colorfull rings.  

Weightlifting is dark, but beautifull.  A place full of purple cats and tea party's.  The cold bar is our warm fire, a nation of crying eyes and smiling faces.  screw the rest of the world outside the gym, we are family, we can do anything with eachother.  But even though this palace can get cold at night, and sometimes no one can hear you yelling "anybody home"?  Training is always there for you, and will always respond by saying "yes sweetie, how was your day"?   Everything seems to be ok when training.  Weightlifting seems to make everything else in life fall in place.  No matter what stresses or plroblems you are having in life, you know for sure that training starts at two.  Training loves you. Its a great feeling knowing that when the world gets cold, training is always there ready to hold you in her arms and sing you hush little baby.

I know you think we are all freaks Joe, but fuck you, the Attitude Nation is family, weightlifting is family, and all we need is eachother.  

Freak 2012


  1. dude, dig this article. There are only a handful of people that I have meet that understand me when I tell em training is the best part of my day. And when I’m in the gym it’s a good day, no matter what. Watching your videos and reading stuff like this is an inspiration to guys like me. Keep up the hard work.

  2. This is my fav so far. Esp the part 'We are freaks with tree trunk legs, over sized asses, pot belly's, long sharp traps like a rino with his horn...' It's liberating to unapologetically own who we are and what we do. Love it!