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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Row Your Boat

I am a big believer in the arm bend.  I call it “rowing the boat".  Here are a few reasons why bending your arms will help you lift big weights:  First of all, rowing the bar into your hips creates much more force and explosion at the finish of the pull.  Secondly it tightens up that superman pull, allowing you to stay in better positions.  It also allows you to stay over the bar much longer.  If your hips hurt from striking the bar low on your hip, then the arm bend will help you clear the “ouch bone”!  If you need more bar speed in your lifts, then please go to the store and buy some arm bend, because it will put the bar in 6th gear!  

As the bar gets closer to the hips, the bend in your arms should slightly increase. Once the superman pull is over and he has stopped fighting crime, it’s time to row your boat to the finish line!  How hard you row the bar into your hips determines how much hang-time the bar will have in order for you to get under and win the Olympics! 

Every athlete will be different.  Some will do better with straighter arms, and some will do better with more arm bend like myself.  I hope this helps some people, I know this has helped many of my athletes, including myself.  Do what works for you. 
Attitude Nation Salute!     Arm Bend 2012

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