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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mark Haz

Good morning soldiers of the attitude.  It's a great day to kick your body deeper down into hell.  It’s a beautiful day to train and hug life with a smile.  Call your mom and tell her you love her, and then go back to slamming more bars.  Drink coffee to your favorite song as you stand on top of the back room table swinging your arms in the air like a bald eagle.  USA salute, God for inventing this great sport called weightlifting salute and everyone that we have in our lives that is special to us salute.

My last few postings have been too much about weightlifting and my crazy views on technique. So now I am going to ramble about whatever this coffee has on her mind.  Balancing coaching and training is hard, but I love being able to do both.  I sometimes get excited for the day I retire so I can coach full time, but then again I am excited to be an athlete and make this Olympic team some day.  Knowing what you are and what you want to do in your life is a beautiful thing, thank you Lord for blessing me with weightlifting.  Thank you Lord for giving me the courage to drop out of school and meet Donny Shankle at the In-and-Out four years ago.  Thank you for letting me walk my own path and not what society wanted me to do.  Thank you mom for trusting my decision to give this weightlifting thing a shot.  Thank you for reading this blog and being a part of this great nation called the attitude.  I am so happy to have you.

 I hope my videos of the superman pull have been helping some, and my arm bend article as well, even though that one was a little controversial.  Boy I love lifting off the high boards, they will get your back freaky strong.  Talk about having to finish like a champ, the high boards will force you to move like no other.  And the pull....the pull takes three days to complete!  Why are Mondays always so hard?  Maybe it’s your mind telling your body, "hey body it’s the beginning of another week of hell."  And then your body throws a hissy-fit. 

Mark Haz just sat down next to me, love this sexy beast.  This dude is 52 years old and trains everyday hard in the paint. Snatch clean and jerk squat to max daily.  He never seems to get hurt or take a day off....what a champ.  His best lifts would crown him the world champion in the masters division if he would ever go.  I think he is next year.  I am his biggest fan.  Mark Haz you are a bad ass, keep up the great work.  It’s an honor to be your team mate and your friend.

Time to get ready for our second Practice.  I posted a video that I wrote this blog to, with my new favorite band called The Piano Guys. I am hoping to see them in concert in San Fran soon.

Mark Haz 2012

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