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Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Sit....Good Boy"

Training has been hard the last few weeks.  Its funny how the harder the training becomes, the easier the weight goes up.  Almost as if your body starts to morph and adapt  into a weightlifting machine.  Your body becomes numb to the heavy weight, and soon you don't feel sore, tired, or all around beat down.  The training becomes as if you are training your dog to sit, after a while the weightlifter just starts to sit without thinking or trying. Training to max daily is a sport of it's own, and rest will never get you there.  Rest will make you weak.  Rest will never put your body into the shock of becoming a weightlifting robot.  For more about how rest affects your training negatively, here is an old but classic article (one of Shankle's favorites) called "Devil In A Red Dress" I wrote a few months back, just in case you missed it, or want to check it out again.  Also, the latest Cal Strength video is below the article.  Salute, and talk to you guys tomorrow.  Train hard, never rest.   

Devil In a Red Dress

She looks so tempting with her silky red dress and her plump red lips.  Her almond shaped eyes are half covered from her long black eye lashes, which seem to bring you in closer every time she blinks.  Her long finger dances back and forth telling you to come closer.  The slit that rides up the side of her dress cries out to hurry.  You are brain washed by her breasts, by her comfort, by her smell.  She walks backwards into the room while her eyes stay locked onto your nailed-open eyes.  She enters her room, and sits on her red heart-shaped bed.  She gently pats the mattress on the side of her right leg, telling you to sit by her.  The fire place is roaring with flames.  There is a warm meal cooking in the kitchen, and now she starts to undress.  You never want to leave this warm house.  You don’t really know where you are but you like it.  It’s like a dream where only some of it makes sense, but the other half is just black and blank.  You are now lying in her arms like a kid that just scraped his knees.  You have completely surrendered to her, you are now hopeless and love lost.  Her name is your body and she is the devil in the red dress.  
You just made love to the devil without even knowing it.  Her sharp red tail is actually your tail that is now wrapped around your throat.  Your training is being suffocated.  She has locked you away forever into a world of comfort.  She has taken your soul and thrown it in the fire.  She has taken your dreams and swallowed them whole.  You listened to her when you should have trained.  She walked you into your own downfall.  She made you quit the good fight, for her comfort and sex appeal.  Her horns were covered by her dark hair. Her smile was a tattoo on her face so you would make love to her.  It worked.  Now you are a prisoner of your own body.  She is the gingerbread lady and you eat all the candy because it was good at the time.  But afterword’s you are a prisoner.  Your own body has tricked you. 
I promise your body will adapt to the hard training.  Taking days off only make you more sore and run down for the next time you train.  It’s a doubled-edged sword.  You think you are being nice to your body by resting, but you are only hurting it.  Your body must be trained like a dog to train.  You have to let your body understand that it’s a weightlifting machine, and by training 6 days a week, it will understand with a smile on its face. Yes it will take time, but so does training your dog to sit. Now if I even take Sunday off,  I can’t move on Monday.  My body gets confused.  Now Sundays are bar work days.  Now every day is training day.  Kill the devil and never let her take your soul 2012 

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