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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bond.....James Bond

Here are my top 15 favorite video games of all time in order. Salute!

1.) James Bond GoldenEye (Nintendo 64) Power weapons, complex, anytime, any day people.

2.) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 (PlayStation 1) Middle School sleep overs, up all nights, homework finally finished, and then this is all we would play. lol

3.) Super Mario (Nintendo 64) Still only at 100 stars...I need to beat this game! I think you need 120 stars to win…right?

3.) Super Mario World (Super Nintendo) wow the childhood memories

4.) Aladdin (Super Nintendo) Great memories playing this game with my sister as a kid.
5.) Duke Nukem (Nintendo 64) Just a Bad ass, eye opening game for its time, and even to this day.

6. Fallout 3 (PlayStation 3) Shankle and I can play this game for a week straight. Better yet a month straight.

7.) Doom (1993 computer game) Scary as hell, plus great memories with my step dad.

8.) Killer Instinct (Nintendo 64) I Can’t be beaten in this game, no joke. Yes I play with Glacier.

9.) Wave Race (Nintendo 64) Race your friends for hours in this game....then either throw your controller against the wall or do a victory dance.

10.) Grand theft Auto Liberty City (PlayStation 2) Really I like all of the Grand theft auto's, but this bad boy is the Original.

11.) Red Dead Redemption (PlayStation 3) A peaceful, relaxing, and all around fun game. This game has the best graphics I have ever seen right behind Fallout 3, plus its an open world game and I love open world games.

12.) Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Super Nintendo) Many Child hood memories of playing this game while wearing my power rangers

13.) Godfather (PlayStation 3) Bad ass, way better than the second one.

14.) TuroK 2 Seeds of Evil (N64) An instant classic. Very Scary though, and for some reason if I played this game too long I always got that awful homesick feeling. This game throws you into a very weird and cold world.

15.) Far Cry 2 (PS3) A great open World game. Love the story plot, options and the freedom the game gives you.

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  1. Dude, most of those are the games that I've played since I first got my Super Nintendo up until now with my XBox 360! It really does bring back some good memories, even though I'm only 16 haha

  2. Jon,

    I like your list. I think I spent over 1000 hours of my life playing Bond, Marios, Duke ("time to kick ass and chew some gum, and I'm all out of gum), Wave Race (awesome soundtrack, very relaxing, barell rolls all day), and GTAs

    Here are a few that you might want to consider:
    -Mario Kart (kupa trupa beach) (n64)
    -Donkey Kong 64 (n64)
    -SSX Trickey (PS2)
    -Joe and Mac (super NES)
    -NMNT: Turtles in Time

    I will be representing The Nation at the Crossfit Southeast Regionals next week, black hoodie and all.

    Keep slamming bars!