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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Shirtless Lifestyle

Thank you Donny Shankle for showing me this great song to write this blog to. (song above)

A change has occurred deep inside the soul of a weightlifter. A tilted light follows a wondering boy chasing nothing, knows the tail is nothing, but loves chasing it... what is it? I have no idea but it's exciting. A dream has woken me on a different side of the bed, a side that lifted my wide shut eyes with a baker's smell face, high above my sheets and then without warning, slammed me into the closet door knocking down the picture of the lady and the red tree. A picture that I just can't seem to figure out, a picture that jumps out and kicks my head to the side while my mind runs away to a random childhood memory, how I got there... I have no idea. A shirtless drive to the gym for no apparent reason at all. A shirtless lifestyle that frees us from the restraints a shirt provides. We must feel the breeze against our skin, we must be free at all times. A yellow light now seems to wave you good morning as you pass him by without even looking in your rear view mirror. Tapping your fingers to your favorite song while you drive carelessly throughout the streets like laws don't apply to you. This is not non sense but pure freedom. Some might jump into my front seat and roar into my right ear nay!... nay this is not a weightlifting article, but yes, yes I say, this has everything to do with weightlifting. A wide awake dream that has not ended yet as it stalks your every move. A big gulp coffee doesn't make any sense, but I also have no care in the world, for now I am just drinking coffee. Simple is better, leave the long list for Safeway and begin to back your car out with your arm behind the passenger seat while sipping the coffee from the side of your mouth. Your view that you see is the front window looking out as everything moves fast and blurry. You spin the wheel fast, and then off you go, off I go. I am a strong superhero who spits laughter and ball breaking jokes at only my closest teammates. A one finger wave for the you can never catch me people, the AC windows up folks that try to tell the nation what's right and wrong. I can fly throughout this gym, a giant gym full of toys that I only share with Shankle.

A shirtless lifestyle

Can weightlifting break a man? I think so. I think the mind game alone can climb its way to your brain making it see and feel unusual things. You or I's go back and forth in my writing. I feel that you are me and I am you when you are reading this, so should I use "I" or "you" consistently in this article of some sort?

I went and bought two BMX bikes, and for the last three days I have ridden them all over my city. I have been a kid again for a short while. I have been free from being a grown up. A new challenge has arrived in a dream and I have accepted the gentleman's game full throttle ahead. Is this an escape from training? I have not the slightest idea. At this point, you know more than me. I have been obsessed with biking, even talking of wanting to become pro. Wasteful thinking because I just sold them both today. The dream has ended and now I wake on my usual right side of the bed. Scared of getting injured? Or a weird child like virus that raced throughout my body as my usual self being turned into a child monster. Money never came to mind, and the thought of goals and dreams seemed to live in a far away land full of parents and minivans. The care takers would take care of it, I just needed to ride my bike.

Peter Pan I must be, or was in a different life. Now I have caught the mean old Hook and killed the alligator. I must get back to my studies, studies meaning training, for this sport is a ongoing study of science, bravery, human race, and a shirtless lifestyle that only weightlifting can create. A mind game of emotions, a constant jail cell of scared feelings that you never confront, tired, hard life, hard training, all mixed together over time and you have yourself Peter pan. An adult that buckles and loses it, a grown ass man who only for a few days just wants to ride a bike.

"Ill Never Grow up" 2016

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