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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Resume

The Birth of the Attitude Nation year 2007.
American Open Championships: 12th place - Total 276kg

American Open Championships: 7th place Qualifying for Nationals! Total 310kg

National Collegiate Championships: 4th place - Total 290kg

National Championships: 4th place in the 105kg weight class - Total 312kg

American Open Championships: Silver Medal - Total 314kg

Arnold Championships: Winner - Qualified for first International meet at the Pan American Championships - Total 325kg

Pan Am Championships: 7th place - Total 318kg

American Open Championships: Silver Medal - Total 340kg

Arnold Championships: Winner - Total 341kg

National Championships: GOLD MEDAL Snatch, Bronze Clean & Jerk, GOLD MEDAL total! - Making the Pan American Games - Total 346kg

Pan American Games: 4th place - Total 338kg

American Open Championships: Bronze Medal - Total 339kg

PWA Snatch record holder: 162kg, Clean & Jerk record holder: 193kg, Total record holder: 351kg.

National Championships: Snatch Silver Medal, Clean & Jerk Bronze Medal, Total Bronze Medal - Total 343kg

Briefcase, Suit and Tie, Polished leather shoes, Gel in hair, shaved face, and an Attitude to keep working harder each day 2012

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