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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ding Ding

The video below is the best battle I have seen in a while. Testosterone is a powerful drug that can lead to PR's, wall punching, face punching and lots of bar slamming. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose and fists to fists can even make a spectator get sweaty hands. Throw in some coffee, a few monsters, and some techno music into the mix, and you got yourself a recipe for mayhem. What the videos don't seem to show is the Ali vs. Frazier boxing matches that happen between team mates from time to time. There are some Fights that get broken up fast, and others that turn into a full 10 round match. But once training is over and the green blood that was once racing through our blood slows down and reality seeps back into play, we shake hands and get ready for the next training session. We all have an unspoken understanding, that when in battle....anything can happen. Nothing is personal, nobody is safe and just because you out lifted the other guy, doesn’t mean you won’t end up on the floor. Welcome to the border line of crazy that takes place daily at Cal Strength.

I left Ms. Brown eyes in the refrigerator for later when I write my blog, in training I pull out the green monster. The monster is my secret weapon, especially when team mates get to talking a big game before training. In training my team mates are my enemy, and I will do anything to lift more weight than them. I don't care if Rob is a weight class below me, or that Donny is a weight class above me, fuck it, I am out for blood, and Shankles blood tastes the best. My top competitors in the Country in my weight class are not training with me, so I must fight with somebody. “Don't get to excited Tom; I am much stronger and faster than sit down rookie”. “One weight class below Donny, and I just out snatched you, I guess even the lion killer can be beat”. “Let’s go coach Pendlay, squat off right now”....well shit maybe not that. This kind of attitude and environment is what we at Cal Strength strive on, and so does the Attitude Nation. Push and get pushed, hit and get hit, win or lose, no matter what we are like fucken Mosquitoes, always there whether they like it or not.

Here is the latest Cal Strength video. An epic battle between the new member of the team Tom Sroka, and the Veteran/ American record holder Spencer (more man) than you. Grab your popcorn and pop, because "this shit just got real!" -Coach Pendlay

Mosquito 2012


  1. Steel sharpens steel.

    We are only as good as those who choose to train next to us.

    -jj (from Diablo)