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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pink Elephant

Good afternoon my fellow friends. Wow, sorry it's been a few days; coaching and training have been keeping me away from writing to you all. Maybe they are just jealous because of how much I love this blog. They can try to keep me away, but the dark orchestra needs me, and I need it. So let's dance in hell with smiles on our faces, our bodies full of pain, and our minds heavy with weightlifting dreams and goals. The Attitude Nation is my best friend, and I am so glad that you have joined me once again in the crazy and bizarre world called my mind. Most have run for the hills and never came back, but you have stayed with me, and for that I thank you.

I hang my coat and hat, stretch my arms and yell throughout the theater, "Honey I am home!". I dance with the pink elephant to the beautiful sounds the orchestra of skeletons make, hidden away on the third story where only glimpses of their white show through. This is the home of weightlifting, a place that is unpredictable and at times strange. A place where you have to surrender to the mysteries of this sport, and just sing and dance. The person who tries to figure this sport out is the one who becomes lost behind the stage in the world of pulley systems, ropes, and props never to be seen again.

Now that you have joined me back in our theater of weightlifting and life and hung up your coat and hat, let's watch a brand new Cal Strength interview from Strength Sessions hosted by Camilo Gutierrez. The video features Donny Shankle, Caleb Ward, Glenn Pendlay, and me, along with Don the “godfather”. We went out to lunch at Chiles and before you knew it there was a camera out, and this is how it went down. See you tomorrow for a new and interesting blog that I am excited to share with the Nation! Salute!

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

The Nations Orchestra 2012

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