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Monday, March 12, 2012

10 Funny Things

10 funny things that happen in this great sport called weightlifting.

1.) The unknown, involuntary, animal, alien noises that seem to escape your mouth while lifting heavy weights.

2.) The ritual ticks and movements some call a dynamic start.

3.) Dropping the bar early from early celebration, and then getting three red lights.....damn

4.) Watching Donny eat a 60oz steak while the vegetarian family next to him stares in horror.

5.) Dropping candy on the ground for little kids, just to see how low there bottom position is. If good, then its recruit time!

6.) Hitting your private part with the bar! Ouch!....wait a minute, that's not funny.

7.) Getting banned from a buffet.

8.) People asking you if you are hurt because you walk funny. No! I just have the weightlifter walk, now leave me alone!!!

9.) The meticulous systematic ritual of chalking up....some say is a masterpiece of its own, to which others say "good lord hurry up"!!

10.) The amount of time between Mark Haz finally jerking the weight after he cleans! Come on Mark my clothes are going out of style!

What are you laughing at? Nothing is funny about weightlifting! And if you keep laughing the Nation will snatch you and slam you 2012 !!

The Latest Cal Strength Video. I made some crazy saves, while Donny Shankle made some funny expressions while watching. Salute, and see you tomorrow my friends.


  1. Man really wish there was still a training facility somewhere close to Toledo Ohio where I could get down instead of getting funny looks and being asked not to be so loud and not to slam bars.

  2. Jon;

    Great post and great workout video. Was that from Monday, 3/12? See you tomorrow.

    Jim Davis