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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Green Thumb

The growth of this sport is exciting to watch and to be a part of. Let’s keep pouring water on the bar, and let the kilos plates get enough sun, so the sport will bloom with color and height that casts a shadow over sports like football and baseball. Everybody plays a part in building this sport, but the Attitude Nation in my opinion is the leader and front runner of the whole movement. I chatted with the producers and directors of this upcoming documentary for a while at Nationals, and they are great people. They are excited to come out to Cal Strength and shoot for a few weeks, and we are even more excited to have them. I just might have to slam the bar extra hard while the cameras are rolling! This is what the sport needs, and I thank them, salute them, and am blessed that these warriors are joining the Attitude Nation to grow this sport to new levels!!! Hopefully they can raise the money they need to make this all happen; I threw in 20 bucks, and then told my rich mom to be generous…lol here is the video below.

Thank you Doug Larson, Mike Bledsoe, and James Cheney 2012

Also the Latest Cal Strength Video below! $500 on the line, and the winner is....

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  1. "Let's keep pouring water on the bar" haha that is a fantastic line