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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Johnny Cash

Today it’s Red Bull, I left Monster for tomorrow.  Three iced coffees in the morning, a shot of chalk for training, and now I am typing with wings.  Johnny Cash in my ear piece, is it a coincidence that I am dressed in all black?  I put my middle finger to the world, as I march with the Nation of attitude.  I have been driving with no license for 5 years now, no insurance, don’t wear a seatbelt, and don’t tell me what to do government.  If I hit someone I will pay it out of my own pocket, I don’t need you telling me to give my money to a company that will take my money in the first place and spend it on "in case shit happens".  Seat I putting any body in harm by not wearing one besides myself?  I feel that’s my choice.  Life is a game, and I play it well.  Attitude Nation is growing by the day, my e mail is about to make my computer explode from people who march with me, who do what they want with training and life, who take life by the horns and slam the bulls head into the dirt.  Make money young soldier, love your mom son, and train ‘til you piss blood.  I peed blood for the first four months of training with Coach Pendlay......boy I hit that bar hard.  My goal is to break it before I retire.  Tyson hips would be an understatement. 
Shanlke thank you for this song.  My wings flap to the beat of Cash walking down the open dirt road.  I admire Cash’s outlook on life, and the way he lived it.  All of the NFL and College football players are training at Cal Strength now.  I looked up at all of them with my finger waving in the air and I said, "Shankle is the captain on this ship of weights, and you better respect him or I will break your knee caps."  Me, well I am just the soldier that does what the Don says.  But right when I exit the door, two people that were waiting outside with their back against the wall immediately link to each side of me like magnets.  The further I walk the more join in to the march.  I don’t walk I March, and I don’t drink coffee, I chug coffee.  No one walks in front or behind, only side to side.  All black clothes, with white hands from the chalk.  Blood drips as we walk, the ground shakes as we stomp, liberals call the cops from the confidence we carry.  "Ok Mr. North would you like to deposite this check or cash it"?  Always cash ma’am, cash is motivation and I need to feel it in my hands throughout the day.  And I love listening to him as I cut off one of those bikers who rides right down the middle of the road.  I’ll run your ass over, move. 
I like to smoke cigarettes with all my medals around my neck with no shirt on.  It’s awesome, comfortable, so I do it.  Usually this only happens when I am between training sessions, and I am on my third iced coffee.  I listen to Norah Jones a lot while I drive to practice in the morning, she has a beautiful voice.  But I must say that my new favorite is Adele.  That girl can sing, and I love her music.  Sometimes I lay in my king size bed and count cash while I drink my grapefruit juice through a straw while the Office is playing.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  My wife sits next to me with three computers on her lap as she is running jonnorthattitude, putting together more videos, working, working working, all the time.  She is the General of the Attitude Nation, she never stops! Babe put down the computer and lets go hot tub!!!    Johnny Cash 2012

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