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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sleep well my weightlifting child, for you have a big day ahead of you.  Let your chalky mind wonder in a world of magic and peace.  Sleep for a good ten hours.  Dream about something besides weightlifting, because you will be attacked by it the minute you wake up.  Buy your ticket to dream land and leave this world for the night.  It is your time to escape, and enter a place where you can lay by the beach and ride unicorns with Dimas.  A place where the bar can't find you, a place where coach doesn’t exists.  A place where you can hang out with your Dad again, play monster with your step sisters again, and see your old friends who you have lost over the years.  Sleep is the best thing God ever invented, right next to sitting in the hot tub while snow falls.  A weightlifter needs at least 10 hours of sleep, like Donald trump needs his money.  There is no other option.  If you are not a soldier of weightlifting then stay up late and get your 4 or 5 hours.  But if you are a fighter of the barbell, then you must rest the body for battle, you must rest your mind for complete focus and concentration.  Tomorrow will be hell, so get ready. 

The barbell just sits there waiting for you.  The weights never sleeps.  The barbell and the weights stay up all night plotting on how they are going to beat us.  They are on no program besides kicking our ass.  They max out every day so we must do the same. While we sleep they occasionally play poker and smoke cigars.  They study the blue print of the weightlifters destruction.  They write to other barbells in other country's making sure they are all on the same plan.  They laugh and high five one another when a weightlifter gets hurt. They are an army of the steel, and they will stop at nothing.  We must get our sleep to fight back; we must never stop slamming them down, throwing them over our heads, and shankle kicking them when we miss a lift.  Punch em in the teeth and roar like a lion!   The Attitude Nation will not back down! 

For now you dream with a smile on your face.  You are safe when under the covers, as if your mom just tucked you in.  The house is quiet, the coffee machine is silent, the fan turns with rhythm, and a light from a car lights up your room just for a moment, but you don’t wake. You are too far gone in your dream land.  Sleep tight young weightlifter, for you have many battles ahead of you.  Sleep 2012

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  1. "Never give up on your dreams, and they will never give up on you." - Donny

    Nice blog Jon