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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sunny but crisp, that’s the perfect weather.  Your freezing car in the morning doesn’t stop you from slightly rolling your window down while driving.  Even though your heater is on, you must take in the day; you must smell the smells and feel the wind.  You must wake up for the day, for you are a soldier of life and it’s time to attack. You are free, thank you America.  Thank you to all our troops.  Freedom is beautiful thanks to them.  Thank you Donny for not only being my mentor, but protecting this great country from your service as a Marine.  There are many days I feel bad for not joining the good fight.  All this freedom, and I havn't even fought for it.  I just might join before I get to old. I must fight with my brothers and sisters, I need to earn my freedom. 
I pull over for some gas.  I pump and stand, and so does everyone else.  We are all motionless like horses getting ready to be shot out from the gate, it’s a race and I am ready coach.  "Click", the pump stopped and I win.  See you liberals later, the attitude nation is out of here!  Next stop.......Green Jungle.
The green Jungle knows me by name, and they know I have a nation behind me by the sound of a thousand marching boots that follow me around side by side.  No one can see them but me, but people can feel there presents.  I kiss my coffee, and then exit.  Move buddy, I have training soon.  Move little old lady, I am a selfish weightlifter who needs to make the Olympics.  No time bum, get a job.......well ok here is two bucks. 
I pull up to my second home and park down the street.  My boss Dave Spitz doesn’t like when we take up the parking spots for the parents and high school kids, and I always do what my boss says.  I am a good Cal Strength soldier.  I walk into the gym and now I am safe from this crazy world.  I slap many hands, hug a hand full, only listen to a few, salute the Nation, salute the Cal strength logo, and touch the rings on the wall.  Now I am ready for what I am good  Attitude Nation salutes the men in women in service, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I do.  Military 2012

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  1. just saw the snatches from the american open. as a fan of the sport it is embarrasing to watch. how bout have some class and humility?! this isn't professional wrestling and mma. there is no need to be talking to the audience and everyone in the arena. your lifts won't place in the top 25 in the world. barry sanders always tossed the ball to the referee when he scored a touchdown. no touchdown dance. it wasn't a big deal for him to score a touchdown. he had been there before. chill out on the stage and just make the lift. act like you've been there before.