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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Behind The Gym

Behind the gym is where I smile.  Behind the gym is where Donny and I both smile.  Behind the gym is a happy place, a place where we can finally breathe.  A place where apples and oranges the size of our fists grow on every tree.  We our sheltered by lines of shade from the trees that bend over the top of us, as if they were ease dropping.  There are cows that sit right next to us.  Green pastures as far as the eye can see.  Smells that will make your nose twitch and your eyes water.  The smoke sometimes stays motionless right in front of my eyes.  Creating patters as if there was a small Indian making smoke signals on my nose.  Donny is still talking about how he thought training went, and I am just glad to be out of the gym, even though I can still feel the wall shake from the weights dropping.  The air I inhale is not just air, but a cloud of relaxation that gives me peace; Intel the Indian makes his smoke signal again. I love this fort, this getaway, this little world Donny and I built together.  I think I might make a no girls allowed sign and have a secrete hand shake just to get in.  The pressure, the negative forums, and the training, would all take me under like the Titanic if it wasn’t for this beautiful alley behind my gym.  Shankle Just picked an apple off the tree, asked me what I thought about Asian women, and then took a bite with power and conviction…..this man means business. 

There is a half broken old chair that sits in the alley, in my eyes it’s a golden thrown only for the man who has the most achievements in this sport.  Donny sits in the chair and I sit on the rocky ground.... that I have to say, is always very comfortable.  Hopefully someday I can sit in that chair, while Shankle looks up to me.  I guess that’s going to take more training days, more alley getaways, more Pendlay, and more hell.  I guess I will have many more days and nights chatting with Donny on the ground about training.  Don’t tell him, but when is he not there I sometimes sit on the chair with my head held high.  I always feel like a bad ass.  Hey maybe if you ever come out to Cal Strength and visit Donny and I,  you can learn the secrete hand shake and breath the peaceful air in the ally I call home.  Just remember, Shankle gets the chair.  Behind the gym 2012

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