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Friday, January 27, 2012

Hit and Catch


  1. And that's how its done. Great video Jon.

  2. Hi Jon, Thank you very much for this videos, for the begginers it's useful to know new drills and exercises to imrpove our technique.
    I found in the web an e-book called "The 7 deadly sins of weightlifting", made by Nick Horton, who says is a weightlifting coach and runs a gym and a blog called Zen and the Art of Weightlifting. He says in the Sin #3: "Unless you plan on buying your weightlifting bar a nice dinner and taking it out to a movie, it might be a bit premature to start hiphumping it every chance you get! I don't know where this myth came from, but somehow it became
    an urban legend that the way to perform an Olympic lift is to forcibly drive your hips straight toward the bar and violently slap them into it to get the bar over your head."
    What dou you think about it? I will love to know your thoughts about it, because that "coach" says you won't slap the bar, you must try to make the movement of a vertical jump.
    Sorry for the length and the silly english (I'm spanish). Thanks and good luck in the Nationals!

  3. Hey Cuni thanks for your comment. I lift and teach with my hips, not arms. Hit the bar and drop. the only pull that takes place is when you are going underneath and you pull your self under the bar. Once the bar hits the hips thats it. game over. you are not pulling the bar any higher in the air. No feet, just ALI feet. No jumping, only time you move your feet is to get under. This is just my opinion though. but also how the top lifters in the world lift. The Russians do it the best. check out Klokov. hope your training is going well. do you lift or teach this way? have a good night. Nation Salute! Jon North aka champ

    1. Thanks Jon, I supose there are many ways to teach and to lift. I'm starting weightlifting and here in Spain it's difficult to find good coaches, I was lifting with a shrug and a jump, but your way and the "hit and catch" exercise had made fast improvements in my snatch, yesterday I spent 30 minutes in that exercise and my snatch is much more confident, the way with the shrug and the jump was like I didn't know where the bar was going to fall.
      Looking forward for more videos like this, really useful. (Perhaps one for the clean?)

  4. Hi Jon. I posted this question via YouTube message and I would like to post it here as well: can the hit and catch be applied to power cleans as well?

  5. So with hit and catch will we reach triple extension?