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Friday, January 20, 2012

Attitude Nation

The glossy fire in my eyes is a reflection of the burning gym that is slowly being put to its knees.  The flames of the fire slowly rise above me, casting a black shadow over an army called the Attitude Nation.  I will burn your gym down and take your athletes with me.  I am not brain washed by the puppet masters of this sport.  I throw up my hands and take on the whole dictatorship that has coaches and athletes caged in there castle.  We are not robots!  The kids will be set free!  Your castle will be burned down. 
People always ask me what my favorite lift is, and my answer is I hate them both.  I should have been a fighter; I should have made a million by now.  Fucken concussions, you are the one who moved my chess piece to check mate.   Either bomb out or go for the PR.  That’s my weightlifting program.  The ups and downs of a weightlifter will get the average Joe Sea sick just by standing next to me.
Back in the gym again today after being sick. Maxed out and missed almost all my lifts, fuck it, I’ll try again at two.  Local meet on Sunday, max out again and cross my fingers.  Nationals a month out, see you all there with a big beard, a chip on my shoulder, a stronger jerk, and some crazy high openers to win my gold again.
 I drive my car like I am skiing, a lift weights like Ali, and I will be the first to tell someone to get out of my gym.  I must be miserable at all times so I can adapt to misery.  Tie me to the post and whip me tell I can’t feel anymore.  Spider Sylvia where you at?  I want to fight you.  20 plus streets fights and still undefeated.  It’s been a while because now I am mature and responsible.  I still have it, I know it.  I have been jumped once, and I deserved it.  Actually that was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  Getting my head kicked around made me grow up. 
Saw one of my teachers the other day who always told me I was a piece of shit, and then I saw him driving a piece of shit.  Sorry buddy but I have no change for you, and yes I dropped out of college.  And yes my account has an extra zero in it than yours.  Sorry councilor, I went my own way.  Stay with me, I know my writing is taking you all over the place..... But let’s keep going.  The song writes the blog, I am just the puppet.  Donny gave me a crazy song that has taken my fingers over like my coffee has to my mind.  Shall we move on?
Interviews are hard for me, because I have nothing to say, there is nothing to talk about.  It’s hard, it’s a bitch, leave me the fuck alone.  Take your sissy training program out of my gym buddy; this is Cal strength, where only the strong survive.  Has my blog offended you?  Good, don’t read it again.  Three fingers means three back to back Pan Ams, two fingers mean two back to back National titles, and one finger means I am the Johnny Cash of weightlifting.  Sorry to the old crows in the sport, I know I am evil and the anti-Christ of weightlifting, but fuck you too.  I will not be scared of the gang that runs this sport.  The behind the certain chatter bugs and brain washers, who pull the strings of the young weightlifters and coaches who are molded into their beliefs and ways.  I am rising up to stop you from the control you have cast over this sport.  I will teach my way, I will lift my way, and I will express my emotions as an athlete any way I please.  I am the robin hood of weightlifting.  I will save the youth from there ball and chains.  I will rip the roof off this sport and give the green vine more room to grow higher.  Climb kids climb!  Let this sport grow!  We are free from the 1920's way of lifting now!  Slam your bar and show the world how you feel!  is going to start sponsoring young athletes.  Soon enough I will grow an army to take back this sport and give it to the people.  Let the weightlifter be a weightlifter, and not a caged puppet that has his hands tied and his mouth sewed shut!  Coaches rebel from the norm, and let you’re coaching beliefs grow into a wave that crashes over the zombies!  Spread the Attitude Nation to become bigger than Crossfit.  Crossfit is now on ESPN!  We as weightlifters must fight to have more freedom in this sport.  Throw your USA weightlifting handbook out, and write your own.  Attitude Nation 2012