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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Calendar

Picture from 2011 Pan Am Games

Here are the dates and locations below for the upcoming Attitude Nation Certification Seminars.  If you are in or around any of these cities and want to slam some bars, throw some chalk, and crush some NEW PR's then contact the gym listed and let's go!  Salute!  

July 28, 2012
CrossFit Providence – Providence, Rhode Island
9am – 4pm

Nationals (aka) The Title

July 29, 2012
CrossFit Stamford – Stamford, Connecticut
9am – 4pm

August 5, 2012
CrossFit Steele Creek – Charlotte, North Carolina
9am – 4pm

August 12, 2012
Silicon Valley CrossFit – San Jose, California
9am – 4pm

August 19, 2012
CrossFit Warwick – Warwick, New York
9am – 4pm

August 26, 2012
CrossFit South Philly – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9am – 4pm

160kg Snatch Nationals 2012
September 8, 2012
CrossFit Free – Salem, New Hampshire
10am – 5pm

September 16, 2012
CrossFit Sun – San Diego, California
9am – 4pm

September 30, 2012
Port CrossFit – Setauket, New York
10am – 5pm
If you want to host an Attitude Nation Certification Seminar, then go to our website  Looking forward to drinking coffee and throwing around some weight in the near future.  I hope this list helped some people.  I have had many questions through e-mail and facebook about the dates and places the seminars are taking place.  Hope you are killing the weights and kidnapping the PR's. As you can tell I threw up some pics because... well.... I really don't know. I guess I was just reminicing while sipping Miss Brown Eyes.       Salute. 

The PWA Championship

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  1. Hey Jon,

    I am a beginner weightlifter out of Scranton, PA. I see that you are going to Philidelphia for a seminar in August. Does that cost any money to attend? I went on the crossfit site, and they didn't have it posted in their events. Can't wait for it! Weightlifting is my passion.