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Thursday, July 12, 2012


(Video Below)

I don't always like to post the daily MDUSA videos here in the Dark Orchestra, simply for the fact that you can find the videos other places online. This boarded shut lost abandoned building that has been left for dead which we call home has so much more to express and talk about. Frustrations? Let them out young man! Built up anger towards life in general? Scream young women! Break shit, smash your glass bar down against the stage floor. Play your violin, for this is the place to cry and bath in self pity. Blame, yes go ahead, only for a little while though, training starts soon. Glide that white mask over your face and smile for the camera. Look, my smile is the same as yours. Once you are done with the day, join me for coffee back here. A place where you can hang your coat, show your true skin, and be who you please. This is a place to throw miss brown eyes after a bomb out, or a place to make wall pounding love with her after winning a meet, or achieving a PR. This blog is not a blog, but more of a mental institution full of wounded weight warriors who fight so hard for gold, or simply those who just want it back. Even those who have been on top still find themselves climbing. Look to your side, thousands climbing the same hill you are. There is no such thing as reaching the top, just check-marks for celebration and accomplishments.

The mother f'in pain is driving me up a crack head hotel room wall. I can't even sleep at night because of the leg twitches that sting me like bees all throughout the night. Does anybody know what this is from? Or why this is happening? 5 months out from Americans makes it hard to stay positive and focused at times. I lose track of why I am even training. But then I sit back and reflect for a few minutes on my all white southern style deck after a long day of chalky hands and bloody thumbs. It's not about Americans in 5 months, nor the World team next year. It's all about getting better at Weightlifting, stronger in this sport, and the rest will fall into place. Keeping your mind focused on one thing, and one thing only is very important. I need to get stronger, period. Stronger plus showing up equals USA. Slamming bars and bleeding from the eyes from too much N.O. explode equals Gold. Well..... or silver or even bronze if shit just doesn't go your way, in many cases this will happen. She will stick a steak knife through your heart and turn it. Just like my dad did, just like the drugs and "cool" friends do, just like life. This is why I drive a fast car, to stay away from the sheep.

My mind drifts off into the oddest of imaginations. Where do they come from, and why the flying fuck am I writing them down? I read other blogs and they are so..... I don't know... right on? They have so much direction and meaning. You can learn so much from them. They all seem to be so smart, college educated smart. I was literally just going to put the $80 dollar victory bet I had with coach from the latest MDUSA video, and that's it, but here I am typing away about God knows what. Salute, slam bars, and see you soon where hell and home sleep side by side.

$80 training day. Very hard training week.  The high hangs are beyond hard, they are punsihment!  Coach should be put in jail for athlete abuse!

Champ vs Champ 2016

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  1. Keep going hard Jon! I am, and I'm gonna surprise you guys next time I come for a visit!