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Monday, July 30, 2012


Here is a post from Aaron Landes' blog called The Program at He was kind enough to write this blog after becoming Attitude Nation Certified during Saturday's seminar at Crossfit Providence.  Words cannot explain how much this article meant to me and my wife.  Thank you Aaron for everything, and nice PR CLEAN BABY!  (video below!)

Slamming Bars, Hitting PRs, and Riding With The Windows Down and the AC Up

A quality HI-RES photo of us Programmers at the Jon North Attitude Nation Certification @ CF Providence. The man to my left snatches 160kg. I feel weak.
Saturday was absolutely awesome for a number of reasons. Mainly because we got proof in person that Jon North is a maniac in the greatest of ways. I’ve never been in the presence of a coach/teacher who had so much energy, passion, and awesome quotes as Jon did all day. We got to learn some awesome shit from him and his wife Jessica while they put us through the drills he himself created and developed as his own unique way of going about the lifts. He’s pretty good at what he does so it was kind of worth while.

Programmer Shamon summed up the cert the best when relating it to possibly meeting someone you look up to as a celebrity. He said often times he thinks about if he had the chance to actually meet someone like his favorite performer or athlete whether he would want to for fear of them being such an enormous asshole that it ruined his perception of them and appreciation of what they do on the whole. On the other hand, being able to meet them in person and having a positive experience could elevate your appreciation of them and what they do to the N-th degree.
The latter is exactly what happened for all of us in attendance. Not only were Jon and Jessica good instructors with good information for both the athlete and coach in us, but Jon far exceeded the expectations I had of what he was like in person and who he was as a person. He was genuine in his criticism and his praise for all the lifters there, was genuine in the passion he showed for weightlifting and teaching his craft, and genuine with his off-the-rocker personality that brought countless laughs and take home quotes.
Yes, for me this was basically like a small child going to Disney World and meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. I have stated that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the house band of The Program due to their awesomeness, and I can officially say Jon North is an honorary member of The Program.
You know what else was awesome about the weekend? This:
Day 1 Saturday: The Attitude Nation slammed bars and smoked many PR's at the eighth Attitude Nation Certification Seminar at Crossfit Providence. Thank you to all the athletes who attended, and the owners for making this fun day happen.  Special thanks to Judah for reaching out to us, and for bringing the brewskies after the seminar!  Cheers!  Here are some pictures of the crazy nice and crazy athletic athletes at Crossfit Providence.  
Celebrating a PR!
Group training session 
Technique session aka Superman pull!  
Certified and now team photo time
Day 2 Sunday:  The 9th Attitude Nation Certification Seminar started off with a bang at Crossfit Stamford with crazy PR's and lots and lots of coffee!  Thank you Andy and Kristie for hosting this fun day.  Thank you to all the athletes who attended and again please, please stay in touch about all your future accomplishments and PR's.  It was a pleasure meeting you all and training with you all.  Salute!  Here are some pics from Crossfit Stamford below. 
 Learning the correct positions 
Technique technique technique baby! 
Felipe aka wall puncher is the man! lol Nice PR clean buddy!
Leaving an awesome weekend
Aaron Landes 2016
Crossfit Providence 2016
Crossfit Stamford 2016


  1. North, you are such a boss I can't stand it. I was at the providence seminar (rogue shirt) and as my boy Lando put it, you somehow exceeded our absurd expectations. Thank you sir. Nation 2016. North 2016. Shankle 2016. Jess 2016. Windows down- AC up now - 2016.


  2. Reading this post has me SO JACKED UP FOR THE 19th!!!!!!!! Ill be at the seminar at CrossFit Warwick and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!