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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Team

The New Show is up, its out, its alive, and it gets heated.  After the show I grabbed my hair and looked at my wife, and simply asked, "what just happened"?  Two long smooth curvy beauty body shots of miss brown eyes might have tipped me over the side with rage, rants, and frustrations.  Tomorrow is the MDUSA tryouts, maybe that's why my blood is pumping extra fast.  This might be the reason why I was standing up the whole show with my shirt off.  My feelings and emotions were simply knocking on the door, I had to let them out.  I will tell you one thing though, these rookies aren't taking my stipend tomorrow, I will slam the bar on everyone in the gym, get in my car, roll my windows down, and then crank the AC up on high.  Salute.

Weightlifting Talk 07/06 by Weightlifting Talk0 | Blog Talk Radio

Also here is the latest Team MDUSA video.  I really enjoyed Coach Pendlays voice over, the big bearded man gave great commentary while we trained.

A Team 2016


  1. Jon, good luck tomorrow (Saturday), expect nothing less than A Team where you belong. I called the show today from 816 (first caller) and never shared my name, it's J.P. Price. Thanks for having the show and I really appreciate you taking my call and helping me out with your advice. As I drive to my morning workout session with the AC on level 5 and the windows slammed down like a loaded bar atop the platform, I'll be thinking of you and your teammates and your success at MDUSA tryouts. Good luck to you, Donny, & Mrs. North.

  2. Jon you went nuts on the show this week.

    Question though - doesn't it add up to keep buying 30oz coffees from Starbucks? Why not get a $10 coffee machine in the gym and an ice cube tray? $7 for a kg of coffee, can't beat that.

    get back to me; don't leave me hanging here