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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Melting Clocks

Over a year ago, I made this 135kg hang snatch for a set of 5, and coach and I have been trying to break it since then.  But Ms. 135 didn't wan't to part with me, until yesterday we went our separate ways.  I will miss her, I enjoyed her, and I wish her all the best of luck in the future.  Here is Ms. 135 and I dancing in the Dark Orchestra below.

Yesterday, a new beauty broke through the old wooden doors of the Dark Orchestra.  I started to think she would never find me, but she did, and we danced, and now we are in love. Here is the Attitude Nation smoking a brand new PR with 300 pounds below.  Salute!   Americans 4 months out! 

Here is the full MDUSA video below, with awesome Coach Pendlay commentary and other great PR's from my bad ass teammates.  "Pay your taxes, love your woman, and CRUSH YOUR CLEAN AND JERKS!!!"  

PR 2016


  1. Great work, Jon.
    "Every kilo counts..."

  2. This is my girlfriends response to the hours I spend reading the mind of Jon North and the constant sound of crashing weights.... "I like it better when you watch porn because at least I'm out of the house"! It was my first good laugh of the day. Thanks Jon.