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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Take a bath in milk while you soak in your own recovery, while brain storming over your next blog topic.  Watch a home video of your self as a kid 'til your heart hurts.  Drink so much coffee in one sitting that you start throwing up outside the green jungle for all to see.  Don't forget to stay on your heels while driving the bar high into the sky so the white clouds can take your bar and spit it back at you, leaving you with three red bruises on your back, and your face black and blue in the lobby of building platform.  White hands say good bye to your old friends, leaving you with colorful new friends with strong hopes of becoming locked at the hip.  A dog named Sparky puts on the Russian Techno music as you both lift in a town that has been evacuated from the virus called Weightlifting.  An infected soccer mom who put the town in panic and fear as everyone ran for the hills, seeking and holding onto normal and well excepted dreams and achievements.  Flowers turn to black, and your knees turn to acorns.  Weightlifting has dried your skin to desert, and has made your everyday walk odd and crippled for so long, that now it's normal and straight.  A milk bath can only mean one thing, viewing life in a different light, seeing people as different than you, and making sure they are crazy.... not you.  But then again, you are the one laying naked in a tub of milk after lifting weights for six hours straight in a warehouse, while the rest of the normal world was racing by you outside those double doors.  A chalk bucket full of blood and an attitude full of hate and rage.  Rage against the bar, rage against your father, rage against nothing.  Rage is the best coach; rage alone will help you succeed.  Hate will guide you to happiness.  A crash from the bar against your body is the best type of feedback, a don't fuck up feedback that never lies.

Drink your milk, chocolate or white, it really doesn't matter.  If you choose white over chocolate then it must be red cap, also known as whole milk. The extra fat is good for you, so drink up!  Recovery liquid will make you strong for the next day.  As I sleep, I can feel my bones swimming in a lake full of milk.  I dream that there are little fish who live in the milk that work construction on my broken body.  The fish swim inside the muscles singing bed time stories while covering them up with blankets.  Milk provides strength and recovery fish.  The fish provide construction on your body while sleeping.  Construction on your body while sleeping leads to PR's and hard training.  This is why milk is so important, much more important than air or water.  Not coffee of course, just want to make that clear.  This has been my milk speech, a subject that should be taught at school.  A subject I really don't know how I got on.  I drink a half gallon of red milk a day.  But then again, Attitude Nation, do what works for you!

And one more thing! Can I ask why everyone is saying that fat is so bad for you?  Fat is good for you!  Calories are even better!  This is why I eat Italian almost every night.  Lots of bread and pasta, with milk.... of course.  Every Sunday is pizza night.  I eat a slice of cheesecake every night before bed, a secret that I haven't let out of the bag 'til now.  I truly believe that these foods, if training on a daily basis, are good for not only recovery, but your body as a whole.  I always feel much better the next day after eating meals like these.  If you are not training hard everyday than you should eat these foods only in moderation.  My view on food and diet is not normal, and 100 percent of people disagree with me.  So please take my advice with caution.  But even with all the facts and attacks that people throw at me, I still stand strong with my opinions.  I refuse to back down, Cheesecake and I will fight to the death!  I don't really know how I got onto the food topic, but this just might be my next blog.  I have a lot to say about this, and many thoughts and beliefs on food I would like to share with you.  Salute, and keep training hard.

Italian Food!  2016


  1. i would like to hear more of your thoughts on food...

  2. Seconded for a blog about food.

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