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Thursday, March 24, 2011

weightlifting is weightlifting no matter where you go

The streets are narrow and the bathrooms are called toilets and the people speek funny but weightlifting is still weightligitng.  Weightlifting is not popular here in Ireland, but there is someone that it not only trying but making weightlifting more well known, and that is my friend Barry Kinsella and Sami Dowling  they opened a great training facility in Dublin Ireland and its spreading like a wild fire!  There are Lads lifting all day, and they are training hard and good.  With Sami and Barrys Knowledge and developeing experiance he is creating a monster in Ireland, so watch out.  These lads have some Donny Shankle blood!  lol every Counrty can use some Donny Shankle blood!  People love it, peope live for weightlifting.  what is it?  why?  for such a hard sport, for such a sport that dosn't pay well, a sport that dosn't bring fame and fortune, why?   what is it about weightlifting that even across the world wear weightlifting is un known, people are drawn to it like gay men to San Fransisco,  and Like Liberals to the Prius? 
              I walked the busy downtown steets of Ireland with a few drinks in me, and it was like walking on the moon.  I dont know how to explain it really, its just many many small things that seperate Ireland from the Untited states.  Everyone in Ireland dresses very nice, th men and women are at all times dressed to the T.  where In America its more laid back.  The sinks in the bathroom are very small and there is two fosits, one for cold and one for hot witch to me makes no scense because you never can get the perfect tempeture you want becuase its one extreme to the next.  I visited the home of Genuisse today, and I loved it.  Genuisse was invented in Dubline Ireland in 1759!  I was in the birth place of the most famuse beer in the world.  At the end of the tour everybody got to pour there own pint of genuisse and drink it, and thats what we all did 7 floors up over looking all of Dublin city, It was beautifull.  But at the end of the day Ireland and the United States are pretty much the same.  People are makeing a living, working, going to sporting events, grabbing a drink, lifting, and just living life.  I miss my Coutry more than ever, I cat wait to get back.  Even though I am having lots of fun and I love it hear, I still miss my Country like crazy, I couldnt imagen living anyhwere esle than America, I miss home. 
  The training keeps going, coach keeps telling me to "get my shoes on".  "come one Jon one more set, one more squat." lol  the pain is still the same hear in Ireland than it is in America, nothing really changes.  I almost thought by training in a different Country that training might be more fun and easier, but no, still hard with a long way to go.


  1. Weightlifting is an emotional rollercoaster with highs and lows. Some days you make that PR that you've been dying to achieve and other days the barbell feels heavy. Those things in weightlifting are what make it appealing for me.

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