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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A fun day? going to train in Ireland! PR double! The week is over!

Just got done with practice and it was actually kind of fun to lift some weights!  if you are wondering how this can be possible I will tell you, we only had one practice today!  holly molly it was great.  I got to sleep in, take a nice hot bath, play some video games and then train at 2:00.  Its amazing how much better you feel and stronger you feel even just takeing away one training session.  I felt good today wich was weird becuase I thought I would feel horrible after this hell week.  I snatched 145kg missed 150kg twice but it was right there.  Clean and jerked 180kg, tried it for a double but missed the last clean.  we did have to drop down and do our doubles witch sucked.  I doubled 140kg in the snatch and doubled 170kg in the cj.  The crazy part about today was that I did 3 doubles in the front squat at 190kg, and ladys and gentlmen that is a PR.  I then went 200kg for a single witch was not to bad, then went 210 for a pr and missed it on the way up.  
          Its funny how in the middle of hard training I have these break outs of strength and feel like a machine, but some weeks that are easier and I am actually rested I feel worse and weaker, does anybody know why this is?  
          Well This week is finaly over and I am very happy, now its time to rest and eat getting ready for another hell week next.  wait I forgot that I am going to Ireland all next week with coach, doing three weightlifting seminars!   I am very excited, I have never been.  The rest of the time we are going to travel and site see.  I will be writeing everyday on my journy through IRELAND, the weightlifting I will be experiencing and only God knows what else comes across me and coaches trip!  lol      North 2012

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