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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hell training

Training has been hell the last few weeks once the Arnold was over and done.  I thought we would have the week off after the Arnold but nope, coach had other plans and that was train train and then train harder.  I don"t call it hard training, I call it hell, I cant walk, I cant sleep and for some reason when training gets very hard I have no appetite for food what so ever.  I don't know if this is normal but I find myself forcing down food at all times before and after training, but I am never hungry!  why?  I stopped trying to figuring out this sport years ago, it makes no sense.  When training gets a littler easier I start to actually get hungry again, and its great!  well who knows I guess I have to just keep training and forcing the milk, supplements and the food down. 
                We have been doing a lot of volume work the last few weeks, single up and then drop down and do 5 doubles as heavy as we can go.  Then the same with clean and jerk, then once we are done we squat.  This is what we have been doing twice a day everyday for two weeks straight!  My team mates and I have been doing our best to push each other to get through each day, having other guys doing the same thing and going through the same hell helps you get through the day.  Thank The Lord for my team mates, I am so glad they push me everyday.  We feed of each other to hit bigger and bigger numbers everyday.  I love when we compete, for example when me and Spense battle in who can double the most in the snatch, I will tell you it gets so heated some times that I am surprised that fists have not been thrown!!!  lol   Its crazy, especially when Donny steps onto the platform and goes head to head with us, wow then you start to worry if the legend Shankle will eat you if you even get to close to him in training!!  Today I snatched 155kg and clean and jerked 180kg witch was not to bad in the snatch but my clean and jerks were not good, I blame my legs on that one, sorry sometimes you need an excuse!  I will be on hear everyday writing my daily workouts, my input on them, a good movie I saw ummmm yea pretty much anything!   talk to you all tomorrow.  north 2012


  1. This is three cups. I've had that too where i've gone into the weight room feeling like crap and made PRs. Recalling my discussions I had with Montana Muscle, sometimes what you perceive isn't always the reality.

    Perhaps you got good night sleeps and rest but don't perceive fatigue and stress from training and daily life. On the other side, sometimes you perceive stress and fatigue but that could just be in your head. Strange how this sport works sometimes huh?

  2. Three cup whats good man! I hear you bro its weird what your body goes through in this sport. so I didnt get to talk to you much today, hows your training going? whens your next meet?