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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally in Ireland

Thank the good Lord I am finaly in Ireland!  wow that was a long trip.  Coach and I flew from san fran to LA, then we took a 10 hour flight from LA to London.  Once we landed in London we had a 4 hour lay over and then took a one hour flight into Dublin where I am at now.  Holly molly.  I am now sitting on my very good friends couch, the one and only Berry Kinsella.  He is our host this week, and is the one who put this great trip together.  Berry came down and trained with us at Cal strength for a week a few months back, so now its our turn to come see him.  We have three seminars and then the rest of the time hanging out and site seeing!   It is very beatifull hear, but very very different, I am already missing my USA.  All of the small things make me feel like I am in a different world.  From the restroom signs being toilet signs instead.  everything is much smaller, like elevators, hall ways, roads, cars and pretty much everything else.  I have never seen more soccer fields in my whole life!   There are hand fulls of soccer fields it seems every dang block.  People dress much different hear than we do.  They dont wear many colors at all, lots of grey and black.  Our first seminar is tomorrow night and I am looking forward to hitting some big numbers and getting people stronger.  we are about to go hit the town now so I will be back later to tell how the first seminar went.  north 2012   

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